Q: were u overdue & induced?

G/C from due in June,

Hi ladies,

Just a quick question for anyone who went overdue and had to be induced, I just wondered, did you have any pains, twinges etc.. But nothing that turned into anything.. Or did you have nothing at all,

I'm a day overdue, have had BH, an uncomfy pressure and a few pains and twinges yesterday and today but it hasn't turned into anything, just wondering if they're signs that I will go into labour naturally soon or if even the ladies who go so far over they have to be induced still get these symptoms etc...



  • I went 10 days over and I had symptoms like you described from about 32 weeks! Unfortunately my cervix was closed even up to my induction date so I was a long way off going naturally.

    My induction was actually ok though, but I remember the misery of being overdue well so I wish on you labour pains thick and fast and that your holding your precious lo soon, its worth every single second!

    Em and Dylan 27 weeks xxx
  • Thank you for your reply, I guess I shouldn't think too much of the pains then :/
  • Hey hun,

    I didn't have any twinges or anything and i went 13 days over before being induced. At my sweep at 41 weeks i was 2cms dilated and fully effaced and basically everything was ready to go. Six days later i was still waiting!

    I think from about 37 weeks i became hypersensitive to every movement and anything that felt different! I lost count of the number of times i went to the loo because i thought my waters were leaking!

    It is so frustrating being overdue and you feel like there is no end in sight. But i promise you once you have your baby in your arms, you will not care how overdue you were!

    Good luck and i hope your lo doesnt keep you hanging on too long!

  • They say labour can start and stop or can start and carry on so they could be genuine. All I would say is try not to focus on them too much or you will go insane! Have you discussed a sweep with your mw at all?

  • Yes, I'm booked in for a sweep next Tuesday when I will be 41 weeks, in my area they won't do sweeps before your a week overdue :/

    I don't mind being overdue, I am impatient to meet my baby but I can wait, I just really don't want to be induced as I had my heart set on a water birth at the birthing centre so I am just hoping I go naturally by the 10th June or I will be booked for an induction, which wouldn't be the end of the world but I know I would be disappointed..x
  • hi hun, I went overdue by 13 days and then had to be induced, I had a sweep when I was 39 weeks, I had a little bit of show and braxton hicks till I was induced which started my labour and got to 4cm after 14 hours and then had c section.

    hope your baby comes soon xx
  • Hi hun
    firstly good luck!!

    Yes, i was induced at 12 days overdue, DD arrived at 42 weeks exactly.
    I had twinges, she was fully engaged, etc etc a weel before my due date. I had a sweep at 41+6 and was found to be 2cm dilated but still had to wait another bloody week grrr!!!

    Sometimes it CAN mean something and of course, sometimes it means nothing.

    I feel your pain of going overdue and it really is horrid BUT make the most of each day, relax, put your feet up and enjoy!!

    Hope baby comes soon for you xx
  • Hi,

    I was induced with both of mine. 1st induction started at 10 days over, but my cervix was pretty unfavourable and she wasn't born for another 3 days with the help of forceps in the end. I hadn't had any symptoms and a sweep at 40+1 did nothing!
    With ds the inductio0n was started at 40+4 as he was large, but not born till the next night by c/section - he was just too big (12lb 5 born!!). I had had a show, loads of bh and conatantly thougt something was happening - so it could be either way.
    Hope you're not kept too long, being over due is not much fun, and if one more person had asked me "well any sign of baby yet" I would have actually killed them.
    You'll forget it all when you have lo though. xx
  • They won't do a sweep in my area until 40+10, then another at 40+12, then induce you at 42 weeks

    I'm currently 40+4 and getting fed up of waiting. And also getting very fed up of people asking if I've had it yet *grr*

  • im getting fed up of that too Fruitloop and i am only 40+2, i get texts, emails and facebook messages all day long, drives me up the wall, i dont want to be mean but i have just decided to ignore them all now..x
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