Evie's not happy- could she be teething early?

we noticed about a week ago Evie had started slobbering and dribbling loads, mil said it was if she was teething but i didnt think anythng of it as she's so little,
the past 2 days she has been really off colour and not herself, she wont settle, she's screaming loads, she's not taking all her bottle and she is really dribbling lots!
my mum and dad had her for a few hours today and my dad said the same thing as mil that he thinks she's teething.
i didnt think babies got teeth until 6months + but when i looked it up on the net it said that babies can get teeth as early as 3 months and the symptoms can appear for a month before the first tooth appears.
i've tried to look in Evie's mouth to see if i can see any bumps on her gums but she get's upset so i havent had a proper look.
i am just wondering if this sounds like teething or if anyone's babies have got their teeth this early? Evie is 7 weeks (8 weeks on sunday)
i am worried about her so am going to take her to the docs first thing just to get her checked, even if i am being an over anxious mum!



  • JJ was teething from a few weeks old and got his first tooth at 19 weeks, some babies are born with teeth but if you're worried she's not herself it's best to get her checked out anyway x
  • Teeth tend to move around before the teeth appear, this can happen for months so try not to worry but the docs are so good and will put your mind at ease

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