first injections tomorrow

dd is 10 weeks tomorrow but because of christmas and new year she is having her first lot of injections tomorrow afternoon followed by her 8 week check with the doctor.

i'm really hoping i am brave when the needles go in (poor little girl has to have a needle in the muscle of each leg ). hope i dont hit anyone


  • Good luck - its horrible to watch; my OH was really upset but better than getting nasty diseases!
  • The first ones are the worst cos you are dreading them so much, I felt sick all morning for Joseph's 8 week ones then I cried more than him when he had them! Do you have anyone going with you? I took a friend cos my oh couldn't get time off. I recommend giving her a dose of baby calpol before to try to help with any pain but the doctor will give you a prescription for it for afterwards, some say just to wait to see if they get a temp and only give it then. If you are bf then try to give a feed straight after as it is natural pain relief. Some babies are not affected at all but be prepared to have a bit of a rough evening and maybe the next day too but hopefully she will be one of the lucky ones and be totally unaffected!
    Good luck and hope I haven't rambled on! xx
  • Thanks Tam, Fayes are next week I was just about to ask what to expect
  • I'm sure she'll be fine hun - Gabe was fine for all of his and only whined when the nurse took the needle out. He didn't even cry until the 3rd set and even then the crying was over in seconds. I think he just has a high pain threshold. But I was panicking about the jabs too and there was no need to. Does she have a dummy? Sucking on the dummy can distract and comfort them, therefore they feel less pain, it worked for us anyway. Good is really hard but is over soon enough! xxx

  • Awww honey. Its such a horrible time when they have them. I cried like hell when Kelsie had her 1st lot!! Jack's got his soon, he's late having them due to Christmas and New Year and the waiting time at our doctors is horrendous. Just remember it'll all be over in 30 seconds, and it'll prevent her getting any nasty illnesses. We were advised to give calpol before we went.

    Good Luck.

  • thanks. not sure if she can have calpol as even though she is 10 weeks she was nearly 8 weeks prem and still doesnt weigh 4kg which the box says they need to be

  • Bless her. It's mainly recommended by doctors just to lower a temperature. If she gets a temp then you can just strip her down or give her a cooler bath and for the pain relief I would go with the dummy or the bf depending xx
  • Check with DR in the morning honey, some newborn babies can have calpol so it might be ok. Hope it all goes well. Be brave sweetie image

  • well she was really brave, she had tears rolling down her cheeks but calmed down really quickly. she is a bit warm and is crying/whimpering in her sleep. its her legs thats causing her the problem, it seems that when she moves or anything touches them she cries, they must be so sore. she had some calpol but its wearing off now, she can have some more in an hour.

  • i hope it all goes well,
    were we live now they do both injections at the same time, one nurse on each side which i must day makes it a lot easier as i dont think i would have been able to let them do the second one if they did it one at a time, i hated getting them done with the older two and i just get worse time i have to take one of them in.
    I hope she is ok after it to, charlie got his on tuesday and has been crabby for the last two days x
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