Does anyone have a 2.5yr - 3yr age gap between kids?

Hi ladies, dd is nearly 11months now and we are thinking about TTC no 3 around Dec/Jan time and if we were lucky enough to fall straight away there would be a 2.5year gap between baby and dd. There is 5.5 yrs between ds and dd and while it has its advantages I wouldnt like such a big gap again, Id like roughly 3yrs max really if all goes well do you find the age gap is there any jealousy? We had none at all this time ds really adores his sister and cant do enough for her image Also do you need a double buggy??


  • Keeping my eye on this thread - exactly what I want to know Fran!
  • my youngest dd was born in April just 2 weeks before my ds turned 3.

    my son is currently undergoing assesment for autism so this may be a bit different, but will tell you how i've found it.....

    i didn't need a double buggy as ds was walking fine, i did invest in a buggy board for longer journeys...but found this a pain in the bum, i bashed my shins off it more often than not, and i found it awkward to push the pushchair, so if your dd is a very good walker who doesn't tire easily i would say no double buggy is needed.

    As far as jealously went, my ds doesn't like change and refused to talk to me or dd for a week, only asking dh for help etc....but after a week i think he realised dd wasn't going anywhere and has adored her since, and i mean he really does adore elder children can sometimes get fed up of dd crying and moan, but my ds will go over and talk to her, tell her everything is going to be ok, and will even let her play with his prized woody doll. I would say as far as jealousy goes, it would depend on how jealous the actual child is......if they're not fussed by you showing attention to anyone other than them (ie other babies), then i'm sure you'll be ok!!

    it is a lovely age gap, and i wish you lots of luck ttc xxxx
  • Hi,

    My dd is nearly 2 1/2 and my ds is 7 weeks old. So far it has been fine, dd is not a jealous child anyway and although she has become a little more possessive towards me and her toys she isn't actually jealous towards her brother. In fact she absolutely loves him to bits, she gives him lots of cuddles but has never tried to pick him up or anything. I have always let her help me change him etc. and never refuse her a cuddle if I'm feeding him although it can get a bit awkward with baby in one arm and toddler in the other.

    My dd is small for her age and can't walk that far without getting tired and we live a good 20 min walk away from her playschool so I originally invested in a buggy board but like Rachie-W says it was a pain in the bum and so I have now had to buy a double buggy, however haven't spent a fortune as hoping won't need it for long. If yours lo is a good walker then you could get away without one, I certainly wouldn't buy one until after baby was born.

    The only "downsides" I've found are that I am now trying to potty train a toddler and look after a baby at the same time and at the moment if one is asleep then the other is sure to be awake (thankfully this only applies during the day) but I think that is just a case of routine. I haven't encountered anything that has made me regret our decision to go with this age gap.

    Hope this helps
  • When ds2 was born ds1 was 3yrs and 2 months and luckily we have had no problems with jealousy at all. He was extremely happy to have a baby brother and wanted to help out all the time,which sometimes was a bit of a strain!
    I thought about getting a double buggy but so glad we didn't as i know it would have been a waste of money as Finley decided he wanted to walk everywhere!! It all depends if your child is a good walker now whether you decide on a double?
    Finley was at pre school aswell so this helped enormously as he was still in the same routine,which i think is the key thing,keep to their routine as much as possible so not to upset them.
    HTH! XX
  • Thanks everyone, all sounds very positive! image
    DD is a very placid happy child at the mo so hopefully she will continue to be lol! Sounds like a good idea to wait until after baby is born to see about a doube buggy.
    OT , [email protected] - my ds who is 6 was diagnosed with autism 2yrs ago though he is high functioning, if theres anything I can help with feel free to give me a shout, thanks for the good wishes xx
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