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Milk protein intolorance - weaning help

Hi girls as there seems to be alot of disscussion lately about this subject I thought I would let you know that I contacted cow & gate with regards to weaning Ashton. Although I am making all his meal myself at the moment I know there may come a time when I need to buy jars for him, for instance if we go away somewhere. As none of us have time to stand and read every jar & packet of food to see if they contain milk cow & gate sent me a booklet with all the information in. If anyone would like me to e-mail them a copy then just let me know. Or you can also call them on 08457 623 623 to request a copy, its called Allergies Guide and there is also a booklet with recipes in it called Meal Appeal.
I have also emailed Hipp & Heinz but they have not replied so far.
Tammi & Ashton xxx


  • Its really annoying when you think just how many babies actually suffer from this though and the big compaines don't do that much to help!!! Cow & gate seem the best with a good selection on offer. The fruit puddings though are no different to what we can make at home!!!
    As I said before I am doing it all myself at the moment which I am really enjoying but there will be time that I need jars so at least now I know I can get some, our local boots doesn't seem to stock any that dont contain milk though!!! xxxx
  • Both Hipp and Heinz have a place on their website where you can print off a list of what jars are ok for certain intolerances. The list covers Milk intolerance, gluten intolerance etc. I took my printout to the supermarket and it was so much easier than trying to read all the bloomin labels!!

    I would love a copy of that list you have please!! My email is [email protected] Thanks honey!!

    Can't find the link for HIPP at the mo but, I will try and dig it out as it is really helpful
  • Lara - Gabe LOVED those heinz jars they're his fave! Lol!
  • Sorry girls have just noticed the responses to this. Lara you can get my e-mail address by clicking on email at the bottom of this post.
    D1ydive will e-mail you the info now!
  • i just email you
  • Carrie, just sending that info now! E-mail though if you need any other help! Txxx
  • My lo had a milk intolerance til he was 18 nths old.
    i found hipp organic had a good range of lactose free products. There used to be one of the farleys rusks that were ok too, but not all of them. some of the dairy free desserts you can get in normal section of supermarket, or in adult dairy free section. Lo loved the chocolate flavoured ones. Also holland and barrett are excellent as they get older, you can get dairy free cheese and margarine.
    Filo x
  • Hi Tamarabell, just wondered if you could email me that leaflet as Mollie has lactose intolerance? Would be really helpful. My email address is [email protected]

    Thanks v much, Liz x
  • No probs Liz, there is a number on the leaflet as well that you can all cow & gate on and they will send you a hard copy of it and the reciepe book too! xxxx
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