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Been a while hun, just thought I'd catch up. Hows you and Daisy? The last I read I think the poor mite had been in hospital and they thought she was very constipated?
I have good news - and please understand I'm typing this to give you hope, not to boast.
Matthew is 13 weeks today. At exactly 12 weeks old he started sleeping through. Couldn't believe it. I even woke hubbie to ask him if he'd done the 2am feed! He goes from 8pm-5.30/6am. Over the last couple of days his trapped wind seems to have improved. Its not gone away completely and he still has the odd gripey spell but its no longer 24/7. Our next issue now is self soothing. He will not or cannot settle himself to sleep - as we've always rocked him to soothe his wind/colic. Its neverending hun!
Been thinking about you alot. Hope u ok.x.


  • Oh babe i soooooo needed totalk to you been looking out for you for a while but today as just tipped me over the edge. was going to write a post for you today saying please tell me Mathew is changing and you have HOOORAY. I am so pleased for you babe and yes it does give me hope big style. And i like you when it happens will tackle all other issues at a later stage. Well been back to hospital today complete waste of time. Have written a diary of how much she been eating an d how much water and oj she been drinking, also took in a camcorder of when i have recorded her through the night, and they wernt interested. Last week consultant said she had a blockage in her bowel due to severe constipation, upped her dosage of lactulose and told me to come back today if things hadnt improved they would try something else. Seen different doctors today and they said is it your first baby, and then said she has collic like a third of all babies born. Doctor last week checked her tummy and said she had no excess wind, doctor today didnt and said to make sure i burp her properly, i nearly punched her i spend 30 mins every feed trying!! She told me to offer plenty of water dilute half and half with oj and halved her dosage of lactulose!!!!! Daisy hadnt been for pooh for 3 days and has been refusing feeds, which is very unlike her and they say its perfectly normal. She has gone fromtaking 28 ozs to 19 ozs and sometimes wont feed from 6pm till 9am as she is asleep with eyes closed put crying and straining in pain. 15 hours through the night with no food is not right i know. Especially when sometimes she only takes 2 or 3 oz Oh im so pissed off babe i have only got through this week with the thought of going back today. If onluy i could have seen same doctor. I know this sounds bad but i really hope daisy looses weight this week, as i they just look at her and say she is picture of heaalth. I am fed up of playing musical beds as i prop myself up inspare bed now and shut my eyes sitting up holding daisy its the only way and mum and mum in law do a couple of nights for me. The doctor said she would improve from 12 weeks but would take up to 6 months!!!!! well she is 12 weeks on saturday!!! What i cant understand is no one has ever told me constipation and bowel blockage is anything to do with coluic. I think they just use the word colic as and when they need to. My chiropractor said colic is an unexplained crying condition and not necesaarily gastric, OH i dont know ill let you know thanks for the post and tackle one issue at a time. Kiss for Mathew he is soooooooclever and bless he must be much happier xxxxxx
  • Oh my god - you and Daisy are still going through hell! I don't know what to say to make it better. Have they admitted Daisy overnight in hospital yet to observe her? I would be pushing for this. Yep colic is unexplained excessive crying, but if Daisy has a blockage and constipation, then her crying is not unexplained? Let me know how you get on at your next appt. Glad you're accepting help from family - you need breaks and sleep. Remember you're not a bad mummy and you haven't failed. Daisy loves you and all she knows at the moment is that when shes uncomfortable/ in pain her mummy holds her and tries to make it better.
    Take care babe. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  • Hi babe Daisy had good night last night typical as mum had her in spareroom so i swear every one thinksim exagerating!!!! But still thinking positive it was a good night!!!! I woke up this morning and said to my oh isnt it lovely to sleep!!!! We are going to New Quay on monday on one of those sun holidays which im not looking forward to we are taking in laws which will be good in one sense but the thought of all of us being in a caravan is a bit worrying, and i hate the old pass the parcel thing do you know where im coming from every one wanting to hold her,,,eeerrgghhhhh try not to think about it!! How was mathew last night is he still sleeping through? How many ounces of milk is he on now ? Have a good day babe looks like its going to be another hot one Love Kel x
  • hi babe just wondering how you and matheware getting on. We are going onholiday on monday only to New Quay (am dreading packing car up!) so wont be onfor a whilejust wanted to catch up things are the same here no better no worse. xxx Love Kel
  • Hi babe - well at least things are no worse your end. Matthew still sleeping through til 5.30-6am which is fab. We have also started to encourage him to self soothe at bedtime (daytime naps continue to be a nightmare - don't go there!!). He surprised me because I thought he'd have a hissy fit the minute I laid him down - but no. Put him down awake and stayed with him and put in dummy. Kept spitting dummy out and having a fidget but not getting distressed or crying so didn't pick him up and kept putting dummy back in and sshing. After 30mins asleep. Couldn't believe it. Second night took 45mins but he got the hiccups which always makes him cross and we had a thunderstorm! Last night 30mins again. I'm gonna keep perservering. Daytime he has still not grasped the concept "I'm tired so I must shut my eyes". I've tried putting him down in his cot same as bedtime and he screamed like a banshee, so I'm continuing to let him nap on me and be rocked so hes not too overtired come bedtime and is able to self soothe. Feed wise he has 5 feeds a day roughly 5.30/6am, 9.30/10am, 1.30ish, 4.30 ish and 7.30-7.45 pm ish (straight after bath). He drains anything between 6 and 8 oz per feed, but hes always been a big hungry baby, wind or no wind.
    I really hope you enjoy your break in Newquay - I know it'll be hard to chill out cos you have been under serious stress and still going through it. The weather is supposed to be stunning down here for the week( I live in Wiltshire so not a million miles away), so hopefully you'll enjoy it.
    Lots of love hun, big kiss for Daisy. Hayley.x.
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