what comforts your baby?

Apart from a dummy. lol

When Ethan was little he use to stroke your arm and fall asleep doing it and if you tried to move before he'd gone he would scream! lol. This was obviously his comforting thing for falling asleep.

Grace likes you to stroke her hand and play with her fingers while she's sleeping and sometimes if you don't she'll slip her hand into yours to kind of hint. lol

Do your babies have any comforts?

My niece Jordan was the worst! She use to have to have her fingers in your mouth and when she'd just had wotzits it was a nightmare because you would be bulking with the smell .lol

Lisa xxx


  • boobies!!!! lol

    when Jamie's tired he likes to have one arm covering he's eyes and the other hand he like to be touching my skin either my hand or he'll put he hand inside my top. Thants all [email protected] noticed so far though xx
  • Lily hates dummies so has a small muslin that she waves around in the air before rubbing it on her nose. If she wakes in the night we give it back to her and usually she goes back to sleep xx
  • Lol my friends daughter always had to have her hand down your top and groping so i was kind of mean when it come to gettin her asleep and gave her to my oh. lol. I wouldn't have minded too much but your boob was near enough falling out and i was happy with mine packed away thanks. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • my little boy has a teddy with a comfort blanket attatched to it. It gets so dirty though once he saw me put it in the washing machine and he screamed the whole time it went round . it sounded like I was killing him lol
  • my son who turned one last weekend is comforted by sucking my hair.He seems abit obsessed by hair.He will play with his own hair very gently and mine at the same time but will pull it hard and then suck it.he never took to a dummy as a tiny baby but hair thats all he needs if upset or tired.
  • Gabe has a muslin like Lily. He rubs it on his face too. It's made quite a big difference in how he settles to sleep!

    It's not his favourite thing though....he's all about the dummy, in fact now he's 10 months and waaayyy too attached to it. I found a load of dummies (8!!!) under his cot the other day and said I was NOT buying any more and once he'd lost all of them (he throws them out the pushchair), that was IT, i'm not buying any more as they're not cheap. Anyway, he had thrown his dummy again while we were out and was whining on the way home, so what did I do, stop in at the shop and buy new dummies - in minutes he was asleep!

  • Isaac is only 18 days old, but so far his comfort things are patting his bum, and he likes a foot massage- i've made a rod for my own back with that! I started massaging his feet when he was 1 day old because he had really dry skin now everytime i change his nappy he expects a foot rub!!!

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  • silly BE....

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  • With justin i had to sing Que sera sera to him while rocking him in my arms this was only for bed time sleeping, maya didnt need anything just fed, changed and put in bed awake and would go of to sleep by her self, and charlie is the same.
    for nap time if maya or justin was having trouble it was the hair dryer turning it on a medium heat and just let it run up and down there legs for a min or two and they would be alseep, with charlie is holding him in your arms and kissing his cheeks x
  • Hi none of my 3 have liked dummies, ellie use to have to have doggy a little doggy teddy she has had since she was born but she's 6 now and getting a little big.

    Leo has to touch either yours or his own eyelashes when going to sleep and when he was little he used to suck your clothes or the bottom sheet in the basket or cot which is what i used to do when i was little.
    James likes to hold your hand while having his milk or just a cuddle off mummy for all 3 of them.
    vikki xx
  • Charlie has his dummy & a silky blankey & also waves it around and then snugges it into his face - it so sweet! He sleeps well at night mostly 7 - 7 but i've started to notice when we'd be out that he won't drift off if he doesn't have them where as before he would have done! xx
  • awww bless em. lol

    As much as i can get fed up with stroking Grace to get her to sleep i find it so cute that its only mummy she'll allow to do it and she will only settle with me to sleep anytime. Anyone else and the claws are out. :lol:

    Lisa xxx
  • Molly is a thumb (and boob :lol: ) sucker and Zach is a hair twirler! x
  • grace has to have her dummy to go to sleep and thats about it really!she does like blankets right up to her face 2 and if sleeping with one she puts it over her face!but shel go asleep without as long as she has her dummy shes fine! xxx
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