FAO:anyone with a lo who has an intolerance *UPDATE*

hi ladies, jus wondered if any1 could help me.... my lo is 17wks old and as some of u may know shes had real problems with feeding- she has a hospital appointment on monday with the paediatrician to see if she has some sort of intolerance but jus wondered if any1 knows what happens at these appointments? how do they test, do they do a blood test? i did ask the hv but she said she didnt have a clue???!!!
thanx in advance. xxx :\?


Hi ladies, thanx for all ur comments, well we went to the consultant this morning, weighed her and measured her length, checked her all over and then we had a chat- he said she is slightly underweight and a bit pale said something along the lines of reflux.... very long word he used which i cant pronounce let alone spell, ha ha ha. Reguarding the diahorrea she is still having, we have to go bk in 3 mths so he can check her again, if she is still underweight then he said they will start doin blood tests etc. so still none the wiser really but feel slightly reassured. xxx

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  • hi hun faith on tuseday they can blood test poo test faith bin lactose free milk over 2 months now but still lossing weight on and off. not really sure hun
  • Hi there my son Ashton is intolorant to cows milk protein. His symtons were projectile vomiting, really bad smelly nappies, unsettled, bad skin and losing weight.
    At the hospital they weight and measured him and they took blood, took a dirty nappy to be tested, also took urine. He also went for a scan on his tummy and had an x-ray but that was because there is a condition in my family called Pyloric stenosis which is a blockage in the stomach. In the end they kept us in hospital for monitoring so they could see how he was, how oftern he was being sick that sort of thing. After one night they had to borrow cot bedding from maternity as he had been sick that many times, also threw up over the doctor, lol! They then changed his milk to Neocate LCP and put him on anti sickness meds and kept us in for 2 more nights. To be honest he has gone from strengh to strengh since and is now just above the 75th centile line for his weight & height. When he was admitted to hospital he was 8lb 2ozs and 56cm long at 8 weeks and how at 28 weeks he is 20lb and 70.5cms long!

    Hope that you get things sorted as it can't be such a worring time, I am sure you will be fine at the hospital and if you have any other question then feel free to e-mail me! xxxx
  • Hey I have a son whose cow milk intolerance his symptoms were bleeding from his bottom, he wasnt eating much (but somehow gaining weight!)
    They diagnosed him without tests due to the colic and bleeding, but have since tested his blood, his poo and urine also. He also is now a very happy chappy, constantly smiling, eats about 25-30 ounces a day and is also 16 weeks! He has always grwn the same following the 50th centile, but was diagnosed at 5 weeks.
  • Forgot to mention as Lara states that alot of sorting this problem is trial and error so you may need to try different milks and or meds. xxxx
  • With justin he had a milk protien intolerance and they tested his poo and pee in the hospital, but i guess that all hospitals might do difrent things x
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