breakfast ideas!!!

Jaons's 7 month's now n a couple of weeks ago he went of his breakfast, he'd still have his bottle but wouldn't eat his fruit that we usually gave him. Anyway, after trying different things, giving him food first rather than bottle first, giving him bottle then waiting half an hour then giving him food!

but then i had an idea... he likes his rusk at dinner time so we just crushed up a rusk in his milk, added a bit of fruit puree n he gobbles it down everytime! Been doing this for about a week now but can see him getting bored of it which i think what was happening when he stopped eating his fruit.

anyone ideas on what else to give him for breakfast for a bit of variety?! how old is it for weetabix?


  • Now he's over 6 months he can have pretty much any plain ( no sugar added) cereal - my lo LOVES weetabix but it gives him some dodgy poos so would suggest not everyday! The baby cereals are good but a total rip off for what they are! Shreddies are a fav, ready brek for something warm or porridge, corn flakes (not tried these yet), but anything without sugar would be fine!

  • Yes I agree Weeabix, Readybrek, Porridge. I also have given Kara Rice Krispies and Cornflakes but she seems to enjoy weetabix and readybrek the best. Once they are over 6 months they can have weetabix.
  • oh rice krispies - might give them a go!
  • I did wait until they were slightly soggy but not overly soggy if you know what i mean lol
  • yes i hate the poo's the day after weetabix LOL
    I give lo toast some days, he loves crumpets, he even had crumpets and cheese the other day, wouldn't have thought of giving him that but he saw me eat it and his breakfast got pushed aside! LOL porridge which he isn't too keen on but has it occaisionally or scrambled egg! at that age try everything and anything to see what they like, if he don't like it now, try again in a couple of months because they often change their minds, i know you want to stick to healthy foods all the time but it could back fire and create a fussy eater if he hasn't 'had a go' of everything!
    Good luck
  • how long hadyou been weaning your lo, beforeyou gave them weetabix?I have been weaning my lo for about amonth nearly. I either give her fruitor the jars of apple and mango/banana breakfast(when on offer). could tryher on warmed full fat cows milk and weetabix? Or do I wait untilshe is on the second stage of the weaning process? xxx
  • iv been giving grace the baby breakfasts from organix but have just bought some plain muesli and am gonna try that with some pureed fruit and warm milk to soften it.She also has wholemeal toast which she loves some mornings.The baby cereal is more expensive but regular cereal such as wheetabix,rice crispies etc have alot of salt and sugar which isnt v good for babies so thata y i choose not to use these,its just my personal choice xxx
  • thx for the ideas ladies! image might get some weetabix for him when we go shopping next n mash some banana up with it (he seems to love everything banana) will update with prgress!!! lol
  • Gabe has the hipp organic cereal and he loves also lasts longer than the others.

    He also likes weetabix, mixed with full fat milk & my puree (apple & banana), he seemed to enjoy that.
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