have you...

....put ur tree up yet? We usually leave ours till the last min so this year i was determined to put it up 1st Dec. So far Isaac has broken 2 baubauls (sp?) lol. Have/when are you putting yours up?

Elaine&Boys xx


  • Probably not this weekend, the weekend after (13th/14th) cuz thats the only time we have really, OH is off tomorrow and thurs but i think thats too early to put tree up and then he's not off again til the following weekend so we'll probs go and get it then...boohoo lol! x
  • Don't shoot me but .....

    We're not having a tree!!!!!!! image I would only ever have a real one as I LOVE the smell but we are away from the 19th to the 27th so it would drop a MILLION needles while we are gone! My lo's birthday is the 5th (THIS FRI image ) so we have decided that we would always have his birthday first and then get the decorations out for Christmas - we will have otehr decs up but no tree this year! Didn't have one last year as I was in hosptial till 15th with lo in SCBU and when we got home it was all to knackering to think about a tree.

    Looking forward to having my fairy lights out!
  • I was gonna put it up last night but its in a cupboard covered with stuff. I couldnt be bothered so we will probably do it this weekend.
  • we put it up on the 31st nov. its my hubby's tradition as its his bday and he like to have the decs up for it! x
  • I havent yet as in our family its always been tradition to do it 12 days before christmas, however this is my first christmas in my own home so i intend to do it at some point this week, probably the weekend. Still need to get some decorations so wont do it until I got everything I want x
  • Christmas eve!!

    then take it down on Boxing day!!


    we dont really take it down on boxing day, but we do leave it til Xmas eve- this is cos my first was born on the 23rd, and i have a big thing about his birthday and xmas are seperate!!

    we have a wall dedicated to his birthday cards, and another for xmas cards!
  • i always wanted our xmas tree to be put up on my birthday (7th) when i was little but my mum never would cuz she stuck to the 12 days before 12 days after rule, since moving out 3 years ago i dont think i've put it up on my birthday once yet and this year will be no different lol! x
  • We dont normaly bother putting one up as we dont stay at home for christmas we normaly go away for the whole holiday season.
    The kids have decided they want to stay home next year, so we will decorate the house for defo next year on the 1st of the month as this is when we used to do it growing up x
  • we put our up thursday just gone lol was hubbys idea and i wasnt going to say no,Lennon has been really good.we have a singing bing crosby dressed as santa,hes mesmerised (sp) with it
  • When i was little teh decs would go up 2nd weekend in dec, Then the tree would go up on xmas eve.

    But since I've moved out we put our decs and tree up 1st weekend of dec , but this year we've got new furniture coming so we'll wait until its all put together and got the living room sorted out.

    Although I remember one year when we came back from disneyworld on the 25 November and had got used to having decs up so after we had a good sleep we put them up that day lol
  • My xmas dec's are out the loft but prob won't go up till the weekend. I may not have an xmas tree as Freya will do as children will do and I could do with out the hassel, LoL. Plus we are away the week before xmas and the week of xmas.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • Mine went up yesterday, the living room is tres festive! My mam came over and we spent the day listening to Bing Crosby and drinking baileys, it was lovely x
  • Putting mine up Saturday/Sunday, I love my tree although now Isaac is mobile I'm not too sure how long it will last this year.
  • Putting ours up on the weekend 13th / 14th. Would love it up now, but we've got to take Lily's play pen down for it, so I'm putting it off a little bit longer.
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