sleeping bags- what about the hands?

Haiden sleeps in a bag, and really they have been a godsend to us as she hates sheets and blankets and just kicks them off. However, now the weather is turning her hands are really cold at night. If I put a blanket over them she would push it off and anyway, you aren't supposed to use a bag and blanket together

Sould I put scratchmits on her? I don't like the things at all really and haven't put them on her at all yet, but I hate the thought of her being cold


  • hi there, honestly her hands will be fine, I don't think there is any need for gloves. Her hands may feel cold but as long as her body is warm she won't get cold.

    When my baba was tiny (born in a sept) I kept heating on low on really cold nights during winter, but that was all.

    hope this helps
  • she should be fine hun, but over the winter i put a pair pf socks on my babys hands, the mits never stay on, put your hand on babys chest thats how you tell if baby is hot or cold x
  • I put scratch mittens on James at night, to keep him warm but to also stop him from scratching his face which he seems to do all the time! xx
  • My friends swears by a long sleeved sleeping bag she got from I may need to get one fot my LO as shes becoming increasingly colder in the mornings.

    h xx
  • Like some of the toehrs have said, I also use socks. My dd loves pulling them off before she went to sleep. When I knew she was fast asleep, I would pop the socks on her hands again. Definately found it helped. Shes 17mths and I ahve started to do it again as we live in an old house with no double glazing image
  • Hadn't thought of socks! And I have never seen a long sleeved bag! I will have a look for one I think xx
  • Hi,we also use socks,we even use them instead of mittens for going out in the cold,it looks a bit weird but my ds always pulled gloves off! x
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