Black out blind, do you use one ?

Most mornings it is a real struggle to get Archie to sleep between 5 and 7am. It's a combination of dummy, cuddle and put down and then i eventually give in and he's in with us.
It's getting harder as the mornings get lighter. It's not been a problem cos it's been wintery dark mornings and our bedroom curtains are quite dark. But now it's light and he can see me and as soon as he sees me it's game over and he wants to get up and play.
So do you use a black out blind and is it worth it ? Thanks. Suz x
ps. As an aside so you close the curtins for lo's daytime naps ?


  • I have blackout curtains - not blinds so they do let a wee bit of light through round the edges but it's still quite dark in her room, even in the mornings.
    How old is Archie?? I take it he is still in your room then? It's hard if he can see you as he'll obviously want to be with you. Do you not feel ready to try him in his own room as if he wakes early and can't see anyone, he may just go back to sleep through boredom!!
    I've never closed the curtains or the blinds in her room for daytime naps - she just needs to be somewhere quiet and that's enough for her.
  • We've got black out blind in Charlotte's nursery and we use them at night with her curtains (only thin ones), and during the day too for her nap so her room is darkened.

    I'm so glad we got them, but even she is now waking a little earlier in the morning (instead of 8am between 7 - 7.30am).
    I would try one. You can get them from many places. We got ours online from web blinds - you measure up yourself and they send you a made to measure blind which you fit. otherwise Argos do them which you can cut to fit. You can also buy Baa Baa Blinds for about ??30. You can take these on holiday with you as they aren't permanently fixed to the window.
    hth xx
  • Might order some form Argos and get hubby to fit them.
    He's 5months and would love to put him in own room but been trying to sell one bed flat since I found out I was pg but feckin credit crunch, no lucj so far !
    Tried darkening his room this morn for nap but he only slept 30mins instead of usual 40 so goinig backwards. S x
  • We're having the same problems with Theo, between 5 and 7 I can be in every 20 minutes or so. I think its because its starting to get light and the birds are starting to sing so he wants to get up but obviously I'm not wild about getting up at 5am! A friend is giving me some black out linings so hope that helps.
  • i think i may have to invest in one of these, sounds like they really help x
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