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weaning advice - please help!!!

how the bloody hell are you supposed to wean a baby!????

im going crazy now....
my little one seems to be going mad. he's had a couple of spoonfulls of baby rice etc for the past week or so and has been SCREAMING everynight for the past 3 nights. the only thing i could think of is.. perhaps he's too hungry and needs more.

Ive had a complete nightmare from day one trying to wean. He seems to have got the hang of eating as such but im so frightened of over feeding him or not feeding him enough???

how do i know??? ..... is he spitting it out sometimes because he doesnt like it or is he just not hungry?... why is he going mad!?... i cant help but feel im just doing eveything wrong.

ive been trying to introduce him to foods when he cant be very hungry (about 2 hours after a bottle of milk)... is this wrong??..

this lark isnt at all easy!!..

can anyone advise me?

em x


  • introduce him when you would give him his bottle, i use to give millie 1oz of milk then her food, then give her as much bottle as she would take, hv told me to start off just on a morning then tea time, then dinner, then super if she would take it, and its worked millie now has half a jar dinner, tea and super, it takes a good few days for baby to get to know what to do with the food and will spit it out till he has found out what to do with it. when millie is full she will turn her head away. hope this helps x
  • I have just started weaning my son, he is 25 weeks old. I agree it is very hard to know how much to feed them. With regard to spitting out the food my hv told me that they will spit out food, not because they don't like it or are full but because they are learning to eat. Basically they are having to change the way they move their mouth and it means they spit food out while trying to swallow it. As long as they are having the same amount of milk, either breast or formula, the solid food is just extra and its good to try and introduce different tastes and see how they get on. Don't get stressed about it though, you will know if they are hungry. Just enjoy watching your little one try new things, my son has pulled some great faces when eating fruit that is a little sour!!
  • thanks everyone....
    i do enjoy trying different foods with him but i find it extremely hard when he's screaming (as he's not getting it quick enough like milk).. so he then ends up choking on it!.. which then causes more screaming.

    ive tried to give milk then offer food but he will go absolutely mad if i take the bottle away from him, which means he wont actually try to eat at all. i really have to make sure he's not very hungry at all....
    im finding it so hard!

    really appreciate your comments. ill just have to keep trying. It hasnt bloody helped that the clocks have changed so we've also been trying to alter the routine by an hour.

    thanks for your help. if anyone else can tell me their stories too, that would be great.

  • How old is your baby? Could it be that he is not yet ready to eat solid food?
  • Hello,
    I found that my lo would spit out some foods because he dosen't like them but now i can disguise some of them in something else. He tends to prefer sweeter things so i give him butternut squash or sweet potato or parsnip.
    He gets upset sometimes so i'll offer water n if that dosen't work then i'll pop his dummy in till he calms down for a minute or two then continue with feeding if hes still not interested then i'm terrible n will move onto his taste of fruit instead. Petit filous go down really well too.
    I find it hard to know how much to feed lo too hes 5 1/2 months now and has 4 ice cubes of veg n 2 ice cubes of fruit for lunch and again for dinner. I'm still trying to work out if thats enough or toomuch but he seems happy enough i just give him breast milk whenever he wants inbetween.
    My lo's still not sleeping through though so i'm def not an expert in any way and need some more ideas for veg he'll take?!?
    Hope that helps
  • As much as I hated her other books gina Ford's book on weaning is brilliant it literally breaks down what to do day by day, I found it very helpful
  • my baby hated baby rice - I had to go straight on to apple/pear and rusks and banana straight away... some good weaning guides on gurgle,com; or gina ford or annabel karmel
  • my lo takes 7 oz of his 9oz then i give him some solid as otherwise he just screams. try giving him his bottle a little bit before he is due or cries for it as he will be more satified 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through. this works for me
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