Awful nappies

The past few days especially the first poo of the day has been terrible! Charlotte has almost leaked which isn't like her. Her 1st molars are coming thru - looks like all 4 of them at once. So I know it could be this but her nappies have never been like this before with teething. she's also started to eat more fresh fruit lately. I had to give her purees a lot as she would just throw the food on the floor but now she's eating plums, pears, banana, nectarine, so maybe they are making her poo a bit runnier.
I don't think she's got a tummy upset as she's eating ok.

Do you think I should be worried? Her poos (sorry if tmi) aren't runny, just very pasty, no mucous or anything weird in them, normal colour. they don't always smell too bad either - but some smell horribly cheesy!! Yuk!

Hope no-one is eating!!


  • mmm just enjoying my lunch...image

    I know that fruit can tend to make everything a bit loose 'down there' so could you try counteracting it a bit by adding a bit more carby stuff, bread, potatoes - also eggs are really good for binding the tummy if she'll eat them?

    I know you said on another thread she has a really god balanced diet, but i know if i eat too much fruit i feel the effects, so maybe that's what's happening here! x
  • Sounds like the fruit to me, it can create some pretty gross nappies.

    Any 'P' fruits (like plums, pears, prunes, peaches) are a natural laxative so its no wonder lol xxx
  • Poor you!!

    You would only need to worry if they are runny. It could be a combination of the fruit and teething.
  • i was actually eating shepherds pie when reading this and so glad you didn't say it looked like this. lol

    Sounds pretty normal to me if she's got quite a lot of teeth coming through at once and eating lots of fruit! My son (now 4) was exactly the same but also had a nasty rash on his bottom with his teeth. If you get too worried then take her to your gp but it sounds normal to me :\)

    Lisa xxx
  • My little girls nappies go like this when she's going through a really bad bout of teething, YUCK.

    You should post this on the 'pig to twig' thread that'll put us off eating!!!!!
  • Think I'll cut down on the fruits. maybe I am overloading her a bit with them. I can see 2 molars now so I think the poos are also down to teething. Even though I'm changing her very often she's come out in a horrible nappy rash today as well. Plus she's being very grumpy!!
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