now millie can roll back to front perfectly everytime but...

shes now trying to crawl and getting very frustrated!! she obvioulsy cant cos she cant support her body weight on her arms yet but shes having a go at trying!!!! shes constantly rolling over everytime i put her down which is getting annoying cos she wont have her naps! she just rolls and wont sleep on her tummy so i roll her back but she rolls over straight away again! and shes sooo tired takes her ages to finally go to sleep! plus i have to keep rolling her back! im glad she doesnt roll in her cot!! well not yet anyway!

jane + millie 17 weeks xx


  • Hugo is 17 weeks 2 days today. AND he just rolled from back to front on his own, on hard surface (mat on floor), he had done it before in our bed, but that doesn't count as it is way easier :P

    Whenever he s on tummy he is alike a swimmer, head held high and swimming with arms and legs, lol, tries to move forward, it is funny!

    What date was Millie born? Hugo's full 4 months are tomorrow - the 7th.
  • mille is 18 weeks 2morrow!! 3rd sept! yeh millie first rolled on bed so i said it didnt count lol she does it on her mat and on the carpet she does it everytime u lay her down!! is her new found skill! just hope she gives up on the crawling abit lol x
  • its annoying cos she naps on the floor normally!
  • Hugo normally naps in bouncy chair ... btu when at home he naps for about 40 mins tops! (unless I sleep with him).

    If we go out then in the buggy he can nap for hours!
  • millie has always napped on carpet or her playmat earlier cos she kept rolling i put her in her bouncy chair but she wouldnt nap! she sleeps 45min normally max mainly 20-30 mins but same as hugo will sleep longer if our in buggy although no more than 2 hours x
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