FAO those who have been to centre parcs! More q's....


We're off to elveden forest for 4 nights soon and have a couple of q's.....

What was the cot/highchair like? Is it worth taking our own highchair and travelcot? I noticed that we have to take our own sheets which is fine.

It says something about providing life jackets for children of all ages - Louise is 6 months - is it worth us getting our own arm bands and floating seat thing? She's never been swimming before!!

Any other tips/advice??



More q's.....(we're staying in comfort plus as we wanted a dishwasher, lol)

How many swim nappies do you think we'll need? We're going for 4 nights
Did you have to take your own toilet roll? (silly q i know but...)
We dont have a swim ring or arm bands yet - should I get and take both?? I'm planning to take Louise swimming regulary after this so will getr used again I guess.

I'm sure I thought of more things last night..........

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  • Hi
    We've been to SHerwood CP's so should have the same things.
    The cot we had was a travel cot. Quite a good sturdy one. We just took lots of bedding as the matresses can be quite hard. The highchairs are wooden ones and quite a nice small size so lo can be easily fed and easy to clean. We did have to put a cushion behind Charlotte as she did slip a little tho.
    We took our own swimming ring. The life jackets may be a bit big for a 6 month old. You can buy swim stuff there but can be a bit expensive. If I were u I would buy your own swim ring.
    I would also take a hooded towel into the swim dome too. It is warm in there but Charlotte liked a cuddle when out of the water. They do provide play pens in there so lo can sleep but you have to get in there early for one and they can sometimes be wet thru.
    The restaurants are really good with lo's and will heat food up for you. Or there will be microwaves in the restaurant where you can go and heat lo's food up yourself. The highchairs in there are normally the same as in the villas.
    You can hire bikes with a little trailer on the back that lo can sit in. We didn't bother getting one but I did see lots of other lo's having fun in them.
    We went last Sept and are going again in May with my pil's this time so I've got time to go in the spa with mil! My sister went last week. She loves going and taking lo's. Have a great time xx
  • Hi we went to elveden in November and we have been a few times before too, the cot is like a travel cot but it is wooden and unfolds, sort of a cross between a proper cot and a travel cot. It was smaller than my cot at home but was fine, the highchairs was good although I think it depends, lat time we went which was Feb time we had a real good one with a high back which I would say was suitable from 6 months or so but when we went in November we had one like the ones you get in a restaurant/cafe with a low back, it was fine for us as Isaac is older but maybe wouldnt be so good for a younger baby, if you give them a ring they should be able to put a suitable one in your lodge.

    They do prvide life jackets but must admit again I wouldnt use them on a baby or younger toddler,we just used Isaacs floating seat. Hope you have a fab time, the pools are great and they have a really good separate toddler pool area which is like a pirate treasure cove, it is like sitting in a warm bath. I want to go back now :lol:
  • Hello. I went over xmas to Longleat. The cots are wooden travel cots. I was thinking of take our travel cot but to be honest I wouldn't have got ours up in the space provided. But then it depends on your accomodation. We were in comfort plus. Swimming wise the life jackets they proved are fab and at Longleat they would have fitted Freya at 6 months. But I took ours just incase. You have to use your own towels in the swim area, not the ones they provide in the villias/appartments.

    I and the kids love Center Parc's. I love not seeing the car for 5 days and having no time constraints (well unless you are booked in for something ie sport event, aqua sana etc)

    Hope you have a fab time!!

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump 26+1
    X X X
  • Hi
    We went to Eleveden in Oct and have just booked to go back in March - we can't wait as we had such a fab time.
    We used the cot which was fine and the highchair was fine to.They do provide life jackets but we didn't use them I think it would be a good idea to take your swim seat.
    They also do a parent and baby swim session before it opens to everyone so you can get in before everyone else.
    Its VERY baby friendly throughout the parc and lots of people with small babies too - its fab have a great time.

  • Great! Thanks! Just the advice I was hoping for.

    Another little q - how many swim nappies do you think Louise will need?
  • MLM - I'd read about the time for just little ones but cant find actual times. What time is it?
    Is great to know you loved it so much your going back!


  • Loopy Loo
    I just brought and took a whole pack of swim nappies. I used to take three to the pool with me incase of any accidents. I ended up only using 1 a swim session.

    In comfort plus bath towles and loo roll will be provided. Only two diswasher tables/power will be provided so take your own. The same with washing up liquid. You will need to take tea towels aswell. They will be a 3-4 tea bags and sachay(sp?) of coffee and sugar provided. No milk will be provided tho. But there is a small parc market which will carry all your basics and more.

    Bedding will be provided for the beds but not the cot so take your own for that. I don't no about Elveden yet but I no that Center Parcs are getting rid of there laundery facilities so take a spare set just incase.

    I have never been to Elevden as oh prefers longleat and its nearer to us. He used go to Elevden as his eldest son is disabled as Elveden is flat and slightly smaller. I would miss the dome and the land trian that Longleat provides (i'm such a child when it come to holidays) Elveden burnt there dome down and wasn't allowed to re built it. Sad, but it was there own falt.

    Any more questions, just ask.

    X X X
  • I was going to post but Pumpkin Patch says it all really. Can't really think of anything else.....

    ....Oh, I would just get a swimming ring. You wont need armbands for her yet. We also took Charlotte into the pool without the swim ring so she could bob about in the water with us holding her and she loved it.
    You can buy most things at the Parc Market but be warned - it is expensive! We took most of our food with us. If you run out of any baby things they have a selection in the parc market - milk, food, nappies (inc swim ones), wipes etc.
  • Now the sites seems to be working again I'vebeen able to see your kind replys!! Thank you soooo much!!

    Whether there was somewhere to wash clothes was goingto be another question that i'd though of but thats been anwered already!

    Great to know about only getting a swin ring, will get one over the weekend.

    Thanks again!

  • Pleased you asked all this Lisa as we are booking to to go to the one in Cumbria! Answered lots of questions! Thank you!
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