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rant - bl**dy quavers and pasties!

ok, i'm going to moan

yesterday i was in the supermarket and saw yet another baby/toddler (probs about 1year old) in the pushchair with a greggs pasty. WHYYY??? i then got on the bus and there were TWO kids both about 1-ish with a packet of quavers. again... WHY?? it does my HEAD in.

If i want to give evie a snack she has either a piece of fruit or a rice cake, occasionally a rusk. And although she is only 10months, she will continue to have these as snacks.

I know i'm openening myself up for a slating from some of you girls, i know quavers may not be "bad" for kids in moderation, but they are also not "good" for them and have no nutritional benefit what so ever, why not give them something which will fill up their tummys as well as doing some good for their immune systems/growth/strength? food is for nutrition, not something you give to your child on the busy to shut them up coz they are crying as i've seen so many times.

Kids will only learn to like junk food if we give them it. Nobody can say "my kids dont like fruit" as there are SO many varieties of the stuff there must be something for everybody surely?

And to give your babies a greggs pasty or sausage roll for lunch is just laziness. eurgh.


  • You never know, those kids might have ate healthily the rest of the time and just having some crisps as a treat. I do think it's important that children at least get to try crisps and stuff cos I think if you restrict their diets too much they grow up wanting sweets/chocolates more!

    The greggs pasty is pretty bad tho cos I'm sure they contain loads of salt!
  • oooooooo linzi i think ur gonna get some mixed responses here, but i'll be nice!

    I agree and disagree with you. I agree that a greggs pasty is a bit lazy for a toddlers lunch and i definatly agree that fruit ect is more benificial than most other food and i agree that our children will only eat/like junk food if we give it to them. BUT When u are shopping ect and have more than 1 kid it can get very stressful and i have on a number of occasions picked up a packet of Quavers or some other 'junk food' but then my kids will go home and eat a nutrtional meal so i think a packet of crisps here and here is ok even if it is just to 'shut them up' If im a good prepared mummy i will take them a packet of Fruit flakes each or a fruit bar but unfortunately there has and will be times where i need a lil assistence(sp) from the not so healthy but quite tasty snacks to keep the kids and therefore me, calm!

    As long as ur not constantly giving ur kids crap i think its ok.

    Elaine and boys xx
  • I'm one of those bad mummies.

    Ollie has had more than one full packet of quavers. Not before he was one, but certainly since. I think he might have had so far about 4 packets in total.....

    but it wasnt on a bus, shopping or as lunch, it was a treat where he was settled and comfy and knew it was just a treat.

    Now, he LOVES his fruit - any kind of fruit, and will regularly eat two apples, pears, oranges etc at a time, after a very nutricious meal he's eaten with us.....
    But he also has choc buttons, and he has had bits of ice cream (bits, not a whole one like my bloody MIL gave him! :x :evil: ), and basically anything, within reason, we have been eating he has had some of.
    He has shared a pastie with me from greggs, then come home and eaten a big dinner, he's had a bit of cake and then gone on to wolf down three oranges and a banana as an afternoon snack....

    My son eats very healthily, but when mummy and daddy are having a treat, so does Ollie. He sees us eating it and is curious, so wheres the harm? Also, anything i wasnt allowed i wanted, so if its not 'taboo' he has less of a 'desire' to eat them .
    He isnt fat, at 15 months he weighs in at 22lb. Nor is he malnurished. He is pretty perfect in every way (99% of the time :lol: )

    With regards to the full packet of quavers - have you seen how much there is in one of them these days? Hardly anything, but that wont mean anything to those of you who think its wrong.

    So I'll close with the fact that I am a terrible mother, who has allowed my child to eat a full packet of quavers in one go.
    And I dont care what any of you think! imageimage

    (as i've been writing this he's been dancing to the 'tunes' on the TV from the adverts.... thinks its great)

  • I agree that if you don't let your kids have things then they want them even more. It's best not to call these things 'treats' as if they are rewards. I have seen toddlers eating Greggs pasties for breakfast and the sad thing is, it was quite obvious that it is going to be the norm for them as they grow up.

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  • i do totaly agree that if you don't let kids have sweet foods or junk foods then they will want it more. the problem i have, is giving it to them at an age where they don't know any different and aren't old enough to realise it is junk food or that it is a treat. I just feel that while they are young you should get as much nutritious food into them as possible because there is plenty of time in the future to give them sweet snacks and treats etc, when they are old enough to ask for sweetys and crisps, and then you can explain it is a treat.

    As soon as Evie understands the difference between crisps and fruit for example, and can say "mammy id like some crisps please" then fair enough - she can have some every now and again. But right now she'd not know the difference.
  • I can't believe noones with you on this!
    I am!!!

    My daughter is 6 months (woohoo big milestone!) and my SIL daughter is 6 weeks older. We were at there house a few weeks ago and they opened up a packet of milkybar buttons and was feeding the baby these saying 'she just loves these'! I'm sure she does!! Then they were trying to give Ruby some and I went mad!!!!

    At that point she was still on super smooth purees anyway so she could have chocked but why would you want to give a baby chocolate?! There is absoloutly no need at all! Since i've seen photos of her eating dairy milk and wotsits.

    Like you said, babies don't realise that this is a treat.
    Also I feel it's not good to reward babies or children with junk food. They should learn that healthy nutritious fruit can be a treat a delicious too.

    At the moment Ruby goes crazy about papaya and banana! It's expensive so it's not something she has often but loves it when she does.

    I know i'll get slated now but it's my opinion! I'm not saying what everyone else does is wrong, it's just I wont be doing it!
  • each to their own, but like i say i dont really care what you all think of me giving Ollie quavers etc

    As i said - he gets TONS!!!! of nutritious food, all day every day.

    Whats good enough for me is good enough for my child - and whats the point in restricting their tasting experiences?

    He eats fruit, and veg, plenty of it - more than his 5 portions a day, and plenty of meat etc etc.....

    You all say he doesnt/wouldnt know the difference - but I can assure you he does. He knows fruit and veg etc are his everyday, yummy scrumptious meals, and a packet of quavers, or a bit of ice cream, or a handfull of choc buttons (which melt very quickly so he has no way of choking on them......) every now and again is a treat.

    The biggest treat for my son is going to the green house and picking his own tomatoes (he tries bless him ) having them washed off and eating them there and then.
    Put a tomato and a quaver in front of him and he'll eat the tomato first. But he does enjoy quavers image

    And i believe giving them as a treat or a reward isnt bad either... it reinforces that if they are good, they will be rewarded for it - and its much cheaper than a trip to the zoo! :lol:

    At 6 months its not so good, but at 1 year or over - when they are aware of everything thats happening around them, why would you eat something that they are not allowed? Or do you all save your sweet and crisp eating till theyve gone to bed... thereby doing yourself more harm than your lo...... (you wont burn the calories off is what i mean so it will turn to fat)

    i havent ever, yet, had to use food as a distraction for ollie, but if ever the day came I wouldnt think twice if it allowed me to do my shopping in a 'quieter' environment......
    I'd rather have a quiet child in the supermarket/on the bus than a screaming one that everyone will tut at and complain about -
    but then i guess people arent happy either way! :lol:

  • Gulp! I've given mine pasties, I make them at home. I know that pastry isn't high on the list of nutritionally beneficial but I like them and fill them full of vegetables. I take them out and will let them have homemade pasties when I know we'll be out for the day. I am completely the mum with the kids all covered in mashed veg and pastry at the playground where we stop to picnic between errands. It's not an every day thing, probably once a month and I do make my pastry from scratch so it's not a laziness thing, I just think they taste good, and while mine will eat many things, oh the things that can be hidden in a pasty. I think the big deal is age related to be honest. Mine didn't start eating things like this until 2+ and at four my eldest has never had crisps, I don't enjoy them so I just don't buy them. But feeding an itty bitty baby junk is really odd because they can't manage real food yet so why the processed hard to digest stuff???
  • abeasley if you cook your own pasties thats great! you know exactly what you're putting into them. When i said it's laziness i meant going into greggs and buying one of their greasy ones with god knows what in them (salt, lard... "sausage meat" - i'm sceptical. lol). they do taste yummy but arent by any means healthy lol.

    S.Y your son sounds like he has a fantastic diet! I just feel a lot of kids are shown what junk food is too young rather than discovering it when they see other kids eating it or get very curious about it - when you can't really avoid them finding out what crisps are and that they are yummy. Of course then, it's time to be less restrictive. I do eat crisps and stuff infront of evie, but only if she is eating a healthy snack at the same time or is having her milk, then she doesn't pay any attention to what i've got as she has her own.

  • My daughter 13 months is sitting in her highchair having some quavers now!! She has crisps everyday for her lunch ( about 6-7 crisps). She has a sandwich a few crisps and some fruit or a fruit pot or a yogurt.

    I see no harm giving children in moderation a taste of everything. If we are out and about macey will have raisons or dried fruit as a snack.

    I agree if you dont let you children have something they will prob end up fat and eat junk food when they are older.

    I dont see any harm with a few crisps but i wouldnt go with the pasty but i however would let her try some if we were eating it for lunch xx
  • Sam has quavers and milky buttons, and this doest not make me a bad mum! Anyone who thinks so? - f*ck off!!!
  • I see your point but i agree with tiger lily, they may well have a balanced diet and you may have witnesses their 'treat'!

    I feed my son 2 cooked meals a day with vegetables, then either banana or munch bunch yogurt for pudding.
    As a treat at grandmas yesterday he had half a bag of tiny milky bar buttons, i don't see anything wrong with that, it was the first time he had them and probably won't have them again for a while! he also occaisionaly has skips as a snack in the afternoon! my son is 9months now and is big for his age, not weight but in length (he wears 12-18months clothes) and so he does eat alot but he has such a variety and he eats his dinner (all of it) very well and he knows that other things are a treat!

    I hate when people look at you judgingly (is that a word?? LOL) at the way you bring up your children, at the end of the day they are YOUR children!
    I agree that a greggs is too far as thats obviously the childs dinner!! but snacks as a treat is a parents choice!

    P.S well said mummy emilie :lol:

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  • I dont agree with giving kids pasties espesh ones that are probably made with cows bollocks and your yearly salt intake in one pastie..

    but honestly, its this kind of post that causes arguments. it makes people feel guilty, make people question their skills as a mother when no one has the right to question them, makes people feel bad..end of!!!

    not a good idea really!
  • also, for those who are pointing out the fact ur baby/child has a healthy dont have to prove anything to anyone!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm sorry Mummy Emilie, and am guessing that this post has upset you, but I have to disagree with you there.

    This post hasnt made me feel guilty, or question my mummy skills... the only thing that would do that would be if my son was ill and I couldnt do anything about it.
    I also havent seen anyone arguing yet - I think we've all put our opinions across in a polite way, while disagreeing with people.

    I certainly havent been writing with any anger or malice, I was smiling when i wrote both my posts.

  • lets not turn this into something nasty neither way makes u a bad mum its just ur personal preference. Keep it clean ladies ;\)
  • MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm Greggs! :lol:


  • cant say any of mine (nearly 1 - boo hoo!, 4 & 6) have ever been to Greggs, but they have probably had 2x McDonalds (might as well invite the master of all bad food too!) all year, BUT they do have crisps, chocolate etc! they actually eat almost anything i put in front of them, unlike my friends 6 yr old who eats cornflakes, pizza, Mcdonalds and jam sandwiches.

    before i had ollie, i used to frown at women in supermarkets who had ripped open crisp bags, and let their lo eat them on the way round! how DARE they! until i had my own!.....

    now, to be fair, i did let him eat grapes, but i always told the girl on the till what i had done (if their were no prepack ones). i found otherwise it would be so stressful taking a toddler round, who didnt want to sit in the bloody trolly in the first place, so yes, i bribed him! :evil:

    i think when you get pregnant, have your baby, you are full of the best of intentions on what you will and wont do - maybe look back at the "i wont pick him up everytime he cries" - because i bet you did!

    i really do think that as long as your child has a healthy diet for the most part, the odd few buttons, quavers etc will not do any damage. it doesnt make anyone a bad parent for the odd thing that is unhealthy - yes, a permanent diet of chips, crisps, chocolate etc does, but on occasion only.......

    (ps, i'm gonna scream at the bloody Fairy baby in a minute! he's ruined my concentration writing this post about 6 times!! argh!)
  • to be honest didnt our parents give us the odd sausage roll and buttons when we were in our prams and it never did us any harm

  • thats terrible behaviour! You know KFC is nicer image:lol:

    Ollie has had chips and a bit of our burgers from McDs, or chicken nuggets... image

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