projectile vomiting- please HELP!

Hi ladies, im looking for some advice, my lo is 12 weeks and shes been bringing her milk bk up after a feed- not just a little bit, it looks like all the milk she has taken(very projectile). This has been happening on and off since she was born- some days shes ok, other days she seems to b sick after every feed, Ive always been fobbed of with all the health professionals- and eventually was given gaviscon. spoke to hv 2day and it was jus a waste of time, she jus commented "oh does she, bless" had her weighed 2 weeks ago and she was 11lb 12oz and 2day she weighed 12lbs, so only put on 3oz in 2 wks??? she only takes 4oz bottles- sometimes doesnt finish them so its not as if shes overfed, i really dont know who to turn to nxt, was wondering if shes lactose intolerant?? but if she was wouldnt she b sick after every feed?? help ladies, what should i do? xxx
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  • hi hun

    i would deff take ur baby the docs, some hv's arnt interested and maybe the doc cud give u somethin?

    hope it gets better soon

  • i had this same problem with my lo it went on for sooo long and no-one was interested in helping me i even rushed her up to the hospital as she was being really violently sick even after a mouthful of milk and even the hospital turned me away but i just kept taking her there in the end i thought stuff the lot of em and i changed her milk to aptimal easy digest - its not the cheapest but she went from stength to strength on it and started to gain loads of weight and loved her milk. please try aptimal easy digest i swear by the stuff and what harm can it do if she isnt keeping anything down anyway. please feel free to email me as i have been there and i know how horrible it is esp when no-one listens to u xxx
  • hi hun sorry here about your little girl my little girl still projectile vomits every were they thought she was lactose intolerant but she still being sickso she refered to hospital. All i can keep at them if your not happy see the doctor again to be honest they only took it seriusly when started to lose weight the milk help abit but back to her being sick again this week she lost 9oz in week not good she now 32 weighs 14.6lbs let use now how you get on
    carrie faith
  • thanku for ur replies, i dont normally post on here much but normally on here having a nosey everyday, but im jus so worried about her i had to post.
    vicky&summer- i started her on sma gold wen she was born but was so unsettled, so changed to aptimal easy digest but things didint improve and she had diahorrea aswel but kept her on it for about a month to c if she would get used to it and in the end i gave up with that and put her on aptimal 1, things improved and now seem to b getting worse again. Today she took 3oz at 9.30am which stayed down, then took 3oz at 1.30pm which came straight up again, 2oz at 6.30pm which came up then was screaming so gave her rest of bottle (2oz) which she kept down then she had 2oz at 11.30pm and has now gone to bed for the night where she will sleep for 12 hrs- surely thats not normal?? the hv seems to think so, she said all babies r different and take different amounts of milk. x
  • so basically she's only kept down 7oz all day? i cant believe they wont do something, thats awful! i'd take her to the docs when she's due a feed and sit in the waiting room, i'm sure they'll do something when they see her being so sick! i really don't know what to suggest cuz i havent been in this position, i'm worried about my LO taking too much but i hope you get it sorted! Demand and stamp your feet until someone does something! hope everything is ok x
  • hmmm i cant believe these hv r soooo rubbish mine were the same tho.... well if the easy digest has not worked maybe u could try a soya based milk???? its awful that no-one is helping u hun, i tried summer on loads of milks b4 i found 1 that worked, good luck hun will b thinking of u coz i know how stressed i got, btw i even took summer to the hospital and fed her in front of them after 1 mouthful she was violently sick over their shoes and they still did nothing!!!
  • Hi, I have had such similar problems with Neva and it has driven me mad. Has she been crying / arching away from the bottle during / after feeds? If so it may well be reflux. Neva has finally been diagnosed with this after nearly 7 weeks!!! Sooooooo hard!
    I am now on Enfamil AR formula which is thicker and has an anti reflux property which also stops heartburn which causes pain. This has helped stop the projectile but she still is sick a lot.....washing galore. I also worried re the lactose issue as everyone seems to say that but apparently diahorrea is the symptom of LI....confusing. I did try lac free formula ( along with every other one going) and it didnt help.

    If she is in pain too i would def ask your HV re enfamil formula and give it a try. You can get it on prescription which is a massive help.

    best of luck x
  • Hi hun. I would go and see your doctor as soon as you can and keep on at them until they do something to help you. Ashton is cows milk protein intolorant, which is something I had never heard of before. Its similar to being intolorant to lactose but as its the protein in the milk it means that he can not have any type of diary product at all and is now on a milk called Neocate LCP.
    If you want to chat or have any questions then please feel free to e-mail me hun! xxxx
  • hi, thanx 4 all ur advice, i foned the hv again 2day, as lo would take 2oz of milk then really winge for more but everytime the bottle was put in her mouth she would gag on it so hv said fone gp and c if some1 will c her. went to gp this evening and checked her over, said she looks fine?!? ne way gave us more gaviscon, didnt really comment on the diahorrea tho. this evening she was so unsettled, went to m&s and she screamed the whole time we were there, which isnt like her at all. i really think its something more than reflux, but no1 seems to listen. xx
  • I would have a look at web site called babyreflux as it could well be this.

    only answer is to go back to the docs and KICK ARSE!!! Insist she is refered to a paediatrician.

    Hope thing pick up for you both soon.

  • hello,

    I havent got any answers for your problems, as I have never had this with my daughter,

    However, I would suggest that you write a list of questions to ask the doctor and follow on questions. If the dr notices that you have done a bit of research, they know that they cant just fob you off. So if you asked, do you think shes lactulose intolerance and they said no. Then you said, should I try her on some LI milk/the other types people on here have suggested. They'll then realise that you know your stuff. Does that make sense. Also like diahhorea (sp) etc, they are things that can get easily forgotten in a consultation whilst discussing otehr things. If you have the list of questions with you, you can keep asking the DR qus until you get an answer you like. Does that make sense?
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