my 4 month old baby boy is so unsettled! What do I do?

At 2 months he was sleeping through from 10.30pm - 7am, Those days are over, although he is good during he night, goes down after bath time at 7.30pm, has a dream feed at 10pm and sleeps through until 5am ish. Its during the day that is the problem! He wakes at 7.30am ish, although only ever has about 50 ml of milk, occasionally goes back to sleep until 8.30am, but them spends the whole morning whining! He doesn't want any milk, he fights sleep, won't be left on his own without screaming the house down and can only be calmed down with a cuddle although that soon gets unbearable for him and he starts to kick and arch his back. He does seem to be chewing his fists alot, I thought he may be ready for weaning, but he is really not bothered about any food, so think its his teeth as calpol usually stops him chewing. I don't know where I'm going wrong, can anyone help, please!


  • hi ya, my 4 month old baby girl has been unsettled for a fews days now. she is chewing on her fists and slavers quite a bit. she is a lot more whinngy than normal and tonight she went really hot. I have started to weane her but 2 days in a row crying while being fed like she's in pain but still hungry and wants her dinner.
    your not doing anything wrong, I think our babies are teething.

    Rhian normally goes to bed no bother but last night screamed for 15 mins. didnt even want her dummy which tells me her gums were tender.

    I think we just have to ride it out and stock up on teething gels and powders.

    I hope this helps a bit. I know its going to be hard, i feel so helpless when they cry so much and cant do anything for them.

    Good luck
  • thanks so much for your reply kerry. I think you're right, went to see the HV today and she suggested a teething gel so I'll give that a go. She also said not to wean him yet as he is not finishing every feed, every 3-4 hours...? And suggested I may have tried too soon, which gave him abit of a shock, which may be why he is refusing food...??? Not particularly helpful! Thanks again and good luck to you too! Hayley
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