Getting used to naps at Nursery?

Hi My LO is due to start nursery in 3 weeks time eeeeek (he will be 11 months)

We have a pretty good routine at home with naps etc......however I am worried about when he starts nursery as atm he is used to his pitch black room, with his teddy in his cot.

How did your LO adjust at nursery to naps? did it take long? were you handed over a very overtired bubs at the end of the day?

Thanks girls


  • My lo takes a nap around 11 and then another one around 1.30 after lunch in the nursery. I think although it will be different for your son to go for nap in new surroundings he will be tired out with various activities that he will fall asleep regardless of where he is.. In the nursery where my son goes they put him in a bouncer with a blankey over him and they play nursery rhymes on cd when it nap time, and he just goes over no problem. i dont have that routine at home, when he gets a little cranky and i know he is tried i put him in his buggy and he falls asleep. The staff in the nursery will be used to settling newbies for naps so dont worry, he will be fine image
    Hope this helps xx
  • When ds started nursery I gave them a written routine with his nap times, signs to look for that he is tired etc...they are pretty good and have always tried to fit in with him even if he sleeps through lunch time as he tends to now he is going from 2 to 1 nap. They save him his lunch for later. He naps in the sleeping room that is dark and he has his own sleeping bag from home. They check on them every 10 mins or so. He always sleeps well at nursery and we have never had a problem, when he is at Grandma/dads Mon/tues...that when we have the problems lol..

    Your nursery should ask you about routine etc... so lo settles in with them.

  • Thanks girls that really does help!

    I am sure he will be fine.....just got pre nursery jitters for him xxx
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