Allergy to formula milk? please help


Well my LO I think has either an allergy to milk or has became milk intolerant. He was on SMA gold and started to throw it up, developed an eczema rash all over his face, became very fussy when taking his bottle and screaming at me when it got near his mouth although he was very hungry. I was very allergic to milk when I was a baby and got put on so many different kinds.

We moved him over to Soy milk and the rash started to go down and he was less fussy and did not throw any of his milk back. I took him to the docs and they prescribed Lactose free milk for me to try. He is now having the same symptoms again.

What formula milk are your LO on if they are allergic to milk I wasn't to keen on keeping him on Soy milk are there any others??

Thanks in Advance
H and Jake 8 weeks


  • hi tigger08, milki intolerances/allergies are very common, partciularly in children under one. we suspected ds was from day one, as he staright away was bringing up whole feeds and seemed constantly in pain, his poo was always green , plus both oh and i had been as babies. we were palmed off until he was 4.5months with hv's and gps tellin,g us ity was colic and reflux, but when he started losing weight and they still ignored it i changed gp (and with itb hv) who immediately prescribed him sma wysoy, the difference was immediate, and his weight started to go up again, after 6 weeks tho, he started bein,g sick again, altho no where nr as bad as before, we saw a dietician who said thatn in babies under 6 months that are allergic to cows milk are likely to develop a similar allergy to soya, so she put him,on a milk called 'nutrimagen', well, 2 weeks on that and we were back to squre one, it was awful, so gp put him back on wysoy until we had the paedeatrician appointment, who then said to keep him on the wysoy as he was now over 6 months and wld most likely grow out of the soya allergy soon after, which indeed he did, he's 8.5months now and still on the soya (wysoy) and his weight is great (he was born just below 25th centile, dropped to 2nd centile but is now back up to between 9th and 25th), no more sick, no more tummy cramps. but having said that there are many many other milks (i know one is called neocate) and had ds been younger we wld've tried them but as he was much older we thought best to just wait a few weeks, but at ur lo's age it wld be best to find one that suits him, as the soya is quite likley to still give him trouble until he reaches 6m+, but i wld ask ur gp for completely dairy free ones, not just lactose free as it is quite difficult in babies to tell if its milk protein or lactose that is the problem, so u may end up with excat same problem, where as if u go for a non soya non dairy one then there shldn't be anything int here that will cause problems.

    hth, and if u have any other questions feel free to ask me, and if i can i'll try to answer them xx
  • Thank you so much for your reply. It has been a great help and given me some ideas and help when i go see the GP again. I do think they try fob you off lots as the HV just said he has the snuffles and that is why he brings back his milk or he is just being fussy. I dont believe that at all. Thank you for you help xx
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