Really worried. *update

Hi ladies sorry in advance for the moan but I need some help.

I took the boys to stay & play today and Isaac has hurt his leg. Im not sure how coz he was fine when he was sitting down and screamed when he stood up. Im hoping its a sprain (sp?) but he is screaming in pain when he stands up and cant put any weight on it. He is just saying 'my leg' and wont tell me if its his knee, ankle or foot?? Hes on the sofa and wont get down.

What do I do?? Should I take him to A&E incase hs popped something out of place or could he just need to rest a bad sprain?

To top it off the other 2 have got a sky high temperatures, Tylers bum, is so sore where he is on anti Bi's for a throat infection and its just making him poop every hour or so and one of the mums today said her boys have just had chicken pox which started off with cold like symptoms & high temps then 2 weeks later they came out in spots.

Im so worried :\? I could cry my eyes out round about now. Its times like these I wished i'd never moved house coz at least i'd have my mum for a bit of support.

Sorry again for the moan xx


Hi ladies

no breaks/fractures but they think he has torn the muscle underneath his foot thats why he can move his leg ect but not put weight on it. He should be fine in a couple of days.

Thanx for all ur help and advice xx xx

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  • If he's not putting any weight on it at all I think I would take him to A&E just to be on the safe side. It's so hard with toddlers to get them to tell you what's wrong, it's probably just a sprain but better to be safe than sorry I think.
    Sorry the other two are poorly as well, poor little lads, especially Tyler, anti b's always do exactly the same to me, but at least I don't have to wear a nappy!!!! (Not often any way :lol: ) Is there anyone that would sit with the other two save dragging them all to A&E? Big hugs hun, hope they are all better soon.
  • hi hun thanx for replying.

    James would have J but I'd have to take the baby with me. I think i'll leave it and hour then if hes still bad take him in. My poor lil man.

    I wish i could keep their temps down - im alternating calpol & ibruprofen but I cant get it below 38.5. gggrrr i feel so flippin useless.

  • Poor you it sounds like you've got your hands full.
    Don't feel bad for not being able to get your boy's temperatures down, you're not controlling their body temperatures it sounds like you're doing your best.
    As for your other little man if you're really worried you should take him to A&E even if it's just to put your mind at rest.
    You could try phoning NHS direct and asking them.
    Good luck x
  • Thanx for you reply blueviki.

    This morning all 3 are burning up and Isaac is still not putting weight on his foot so Im going to take him to the docs.

    Thanx again for your replies xx
  • Hi all 3 of mine had this realy high temp for about a week and they were really lethargic then it just cleared up but then after 2 days they started with snotty noses and a bad cough its not nice its hard work when they are like this, james my youngest his temp was 39.5 and i felt just like you totally useless and you wish you could have it for them. If isaac is not putting any weight on it i would take him to A&e for an x-ray to make sure. Take care hun hope they feel better soon.
    vikki xx
  • Oh dear! It sounds like they all need a trip to the doctors.

    Hope that they're all feeling better soon
  • Good to hear it's not too serious - now you just have to hope the chicken pox don't land on you xxxxxxxx
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