Sleep - or lack of it!!

I really really hope someone can help me. I have 9 month old b/g twins. From 6 months they have slept 7 - 7, with a short spell from both of them of early wakings which we cured with blackout blinds.

For the past 3 nights my little boy has been waking frequently and will not re settle. On Monday I was up 2.30 - 4.20 with him. Tuesday was 1.30 - 3.30 then 5.30 - 6 Last night was 12.20 - 2.30 then 4.30 to 5.30.

He usually resettles himself and if he wakes early will just chat away until 7. He is now screaming and waking my little girl, they share a room. When I pick him up he goes straight off to sleep on me but then screams again as soon as I put him back in his cot. I have resorted to puttin him in my bed at 5 then last 2 mornings and I do not want to get into that habit.

He still has no teeth so I doubt it is teething but I am now at the end of my tether. Not looking forward to another sleepless night.


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  • We have had phases of this since our daughter was born. Its still going on at almost 10 months. I have absolutly NO idea what to do about it, but just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

    Em x
  • we had about a week of this a few weeks ago hun where DD would wake at 12.30/1am for about 1/2hours. she had no teeth either and has slept through from being 5 weeks old so it was killing me....anyways back to the point, for us it DID turn out to be teeth, poor little mite has cut 3 teeth in two weeks! they all just seemed to come from nowhere too!

    hope you DS settles back down to normal for you soon hun whatever it may be x
  • Thank you for your replies. Im sorry you are experiencing the same but it is nice to know we are not alone.

    Hopefully it is a phase that he will grow out of very quickly, then my little girl will follow as she always does things about 3 weeks later!!!
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