Evie doesnt really have a day routine, she has short feeds during the day 2hrly and then just once through the night, we have tried 4hrly but then it messes her night routine and she won't sleep. Anyway she has started changing like she should of fed at 4 but is fast asleep. her bedtime routine starts at 7 and she is moses basket by 7.30. My question really is does your routines change every couple of weeks like ours seems to thanks xxxx


  • Seriously I would not worry. Alfie is nearly 6 months and our routine is often changing and it takes me a while to keep up with him!! Bedtime routine stays mostly the same but I think as we start to add tea it will change. Honest try not to worry about it-they do it to keeo us guessing!!x
  • Every timre I think Louise is settling into a natural routine it changes! I make sure we do the same thing at night for her bedtime routing, starting with a bath around 7pm but sometimes it is earlier, sometimes later. In the morning we tend to start the day doing the same things but then it varies.

    I thunk a good bedtime routine is important but otherwise dont worry too much as long as your both happy!
  • the older your baby gets the better the routine is and easier. our routine is quite good but it changes if we're out etc or if he as his bad day etc. routines never always stay the same hard to stick to a routine all the time.
  • no ours tends to stay the same every day
    sleeping during the days is always here and there but feeds are the same every day.
    we changed things yestarday and gave him a feed of baby rice at 4pm with his bottle and he only got up once during the night instead of 2-3 times. He went to bed with his bottle at 6pm and was asleep by 6.30pm slept till 3am had a feed then slept till 7.45am had another feed then one at 12pm
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