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My son is profoundly deaf!

Hi all I just thought I would let you know I had Georges ear appointment today and its not good he is profoundly deaf in both ears and will need a hearing aid and will need alittle operation before he is one as the deafness is very bad that they dont even think the hearing aids will work by themselves as it is in his inner ear! Still in a state of shock and confusion at the moment. They are doing to do tests to see what has caused it too as its not inherited but they think it was caused when he stopped growing inside me and the hospital were neglegent! I will update you more when i know just wanted to update you today.

Love to all xxx


  • Aww hun - I don't know what to say - that is awful about the hospital!

    Big hugs to you & George, I know someone who is profoundly deaf (since birth) and she has lived a completely normal life, hearing aids are amazing things these days xxx
  • Hi,
    Thinking of you lots, this must be really difficult to deal with.,just remember to ask for lots of support. he is a gorgeous little boy and im sure he will meet this challenge head on and be fab.
  • Hi hun,
    Hope you are ok?
    Really sorry to read that George is deaf.
    Big hugs hun, I hope that all goes well with his op and hopefully he will be able to hear something eventually.
    So crap that it might be the hospitals fault!!! Must have made you so angry image
    take care hun and hope you and the family are well x x x
    Love Sarah and girls x x x x
  • Oh hun, i'm sorry to hear about George. It must be very hard to take in. Like everyone else has said, its amazing what hearing aids can do these days and i'm sure he won't let it hold him back in any way when he's older! We're all here if you need to chat x x
  • I'm so sorry to hear this news, it must be so difficult for you. As others have said they can do amazing things these days and so I'm sure you'll meet these challenges head on.
    Good Luck xxxx
  • oh hun big hugs to you xxxx
  • Hi, I just wanted to reply and say I'm sorry to hear about your little boy. I also wanted to say my sister is hearing impared so she does have some hearing but very little without her hearing aids. She has a completly normal life. One thing I will add is that my mum always read to her and thats really helped her speech development. As long as he has lots of support I'm sure he'll do well in life. xx
  • Sending you hugs and a big kiss to George. x x x
  • Oh Laura, I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope Goerge's operation goes well. It's amazing how babies adapt and get on with things much better than we do as adults. Big hugs to you all xx
  • Hi sorry to hear about George. Hope his operation goes well and I am sure he will be able to go on and lead a normal life.
  • Oh hun I'm soo sorry to hear about George. Hopefully his operation & the hearing aids will be a sucess. Big hugs to both if you xx
  • oh hun, sorry to hear this! sending lots of love and hugs and a giant hug to
  • Madnbella+bluebump,
    Just wanted to say that the quote from J&B is one I read when Ozzy was born in June and I admit it comforted me. Ozzy has Downs Syndrome.
    The fear I felt for Ozzys future and the challenges he will face scared me witless. But now he's home and has been given a clean bill of health, that fear has come right down the scale and I now worry no more about his future than I do about my other childrens futures.
    George is a real wee cutie, he will be fine, he has a family who love him.
  • I am sorry about the news we send you bigs hugs and kiss
  • i was wondering after george. im sorry to hear his news but as many of the girls have said, there is alot out there for deaf children nowadays, not that tit helps the way u feel at the moment. take care babe and ((((hugs)))) to u and george. xx
  • aw hun that must have been hard to take in.
    cyber hugs to u and george. xxx
  • hi i'm so sorry to hear about george and hope that the operation proves to be successful, i wish you all the best and am thinking of you. it's hard when things don't go exactly as expected.

    joanne & brood has it spot on. i don't know that i planned for italy but i certainly never reached my expected destination, my son has been born with delayed visual maturation but coming onto 10 months he still can't see. it's hard but you love them and you as the mother give your child the strength to know they can do what they want and achieve anything they want. disabiltiy is only disability if you make it one.

    i don't know if you've come across it but on here there is a section for children with special needs, personally i have found it great to go on there and find mums going through the same sort of things, it lets you know that youre not alone and gives you someone who truly understands what you are going through.

    thinking of you and your family
  • big hugs to you all xxx
  • So sorry to hear that hun.
  • Oh hun, sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you all. xxx
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