colief advice please!

Hi girls

Emilys colic and tapped wind/tummy ache has got quite bad so taking her to the docs later and hoping they will prescribe colief (if not will buy some but worth trying to get it for free!).

I know there have been some posts on here about it before but I need some advice on how to make up her bottles as I express her milk so normally keep it in the fridge then warm for 5 mins before her feed. How do I do this with colief as doesnt it have to be in the milk for 30 mins? Is it ok to take from fridge, warm the milk, add the colief and leave on the side for 30 mins? I know If the milk is freshly expressed thats fine as you can leave that for 4-6 hours at room temp but 90% of the time her milk comes from the fridge........

Thanks girls! x


  • Hi,

    Sorry I don't BF but I did use colief, you have to put it into warm (not hot) milk 30 mins before feed, so I would imagine you would need to take milk out, warm it through, add colief and then leave for 30 mins? Sorry if I sound clueless about BFing??

  • I used to do it the other way and add it to feed then put in the fridge for 4hrs, was easier then preparing it 30mins in advance.
  • thanks girls - atleast I have 2 options and kel agree that seems easier than preparing 30 mins in advance esp as we arent in much of a routine yet! x
  • Just wanted to ask if you find colief more effective than infacol or gripe water? Lily is 6 weeks old and bottle fed and suffers from colic, especially in the evenings. We're using infacol in each feed but not finding it makes much of a difference, does colief work for your lo??
  • carleybarley I will let you know! we have been using infacol for a week and a half and hasnt helped much and literally have got the colief at the docs an hour ago. Its meant to work pretty much straight away so will see hoe she is later!

    I def plan on expressing, adding drops and keeping in the fridge most of the time esp for the night feeds! x
  • Sory just wanted to add our GP told us not to put feed in fridge once colief was added because it killed the effective enzymes?? not sure if it's true because we never done it just incase!

    Infacol never worked for us & lo didn't like gripe water, so colief was a godsend!!
  • oh really?! I read on the colief website in the FAQ section what to do when expressing or if u make feeds up in advance and it says to put in the fridge after adding 2 drops then leave for atleast 4 hours.....hmmmm! x
  • I'd probably believe the website then coz they should know more about their product than the GP??
  • Just wanted to suggest Dentinox too. We tried Colief and it didn't work. After Gripe water and Infacol. I tried Dentinox. Apparently there are 2 types of colic - the trapped wind type (which I think my girls suffer with) and the type caused by a lactose intolerance that Colief treats. If you think it's caused by trapped wind, I would definitely try Dentinox. It's about ??.3.30 for a bottle that lasts us about 3 days (but I'm using it for both girls) and has worked a treat. They almost burp themselves now!

    Good luck at the docs. Hope he gets you and your LO sorted. xx
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