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My lo is 7 1/2 months and is currently getting over a bad cold. He is still a bit snuffly but now OK in himself and sleeping OK.

I noticed yesterday that when he is lying on his playmat he has started to shake his head one way and then another a few times. It's not quick but fairly slow and well-defined. It's hard to explain and is freaking me out a bit - totally out of charater and very 'random'. It's not like he has something in his ear or ear ache (I don't think, the doctor did check his ears last week) - does anyone have any ideas what it can be?

Thanks all



  • grrrrrrrr be ate my reply,will try again.....

    daniel used to do this when he was a baby and now charlotte is doing the same,they do it when there tired,could this be it?

  • Hi. Thanks for thre reply.

    I guess it could be. It's quite worrying, isn't it? Especially starting so suddenly (although I guess that everything starts suddenly thinking about it!!)

    I will keep an eye on him.

    Thanks image

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