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Hi all mummies!

Im due in 13 days (and counting!) but i wanted to know how many of you experienced a show/ waters breaking and who didn't?

I would love for my waters to break coz i think that way i would know for definate that something was happening but i know it doesn't happen for everyone and out of curiosity would be interested to know what happened or didn't happen for you.

thanks. xx


  • No show but my waters CERTAINLY broke!

    In a Christmas play rehersal infront of the whole school image (I am a teacher in an SEN school) :lol: - luckily no one else knew but I did!!!! :lol: !
  • My waters broke and I went into premature labour at 34+4 weeks. I was in bed during the day and the broke without me knowing. My husband woke me up when he came in from work and I was soaking. It didn't even wake me up.
  • omg!!! im now not gonna leave the house, lol!!
  • My waters never broke much to my dissapointment as like you I wanted that to happen so I knew it was starting however I did have a show on the Saturday teatime then went into labour the following day.

    Good luck for the birth xxx
  • I had a show, then a lot of semi-regular contractions, coming about every 10 minutes. They kept going for the saturday and sunday nights which meant that I got virtually no sleep! Then on the monday they got stronger and more frequent and it started properly. My waters didn't break until well into labour. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll know once the contractions get going for real, even if your waters don't break.
  • my waters never broke they had to be broken when i was ready to push. same as my mum!! i had irregular contractions for 2 days- didnt hurt at all just uncomfortable ( i went 5 days over) i had been having my plug coming away for 2 days just small amounts then i got some old blood in it then i went to the toilet and there was loads of blood there!! i was crying cos i started to panic as i didnt think a show had proper red blood went to hosp to get checked and she said it was def just my show and she said i was already 3cm! she gave me a membrane sweep and said i'll be back that night! my contractions sped up and were still irregular though lasting sometime just 10secs and upto 8 mins apart but by a few hours i couldnt take the pain anymore so went to hosp and was 9cm!! hour later i was pushing!! so dont believe that u have to wait til ur contractions r every 3 mins apart and lasting 1 min cos thats not always true!! mine never became regular! goodluck hun!! xx
  • I had a show then went into labour 3 days later. Waters broke when midwife was examining me at the hopsital!
  • I had a bit of a show 2 weeks before i went in to labour. Lost more of my plug over the 2 weeks. My waters only went when i was being examined at hospital!

    When i went in to labour I started getting contractions at 7am and had diarrhea. Also had some brown bloody discharge. My contractions where never fully regular before i went to hospital. They started off every 10 mins, then 5 mins, then i would have a few only 2 mins apart but then they would go back to 10 mins. When i went to hospital at 6pm i was expecting to be sent home but i was 5-6cm dilated.
  • hadto be induced so cant answer you but wanted to say a big wow followed your pregnancy inthe ear;y days amd cant believe you are nearly due! Good luck enjoy your birth experience cant wait to hear your story x
  • I woke up at about 1 am needing the loo but having tummy cramps it took me 3 hours to work out I was in labour then had a show at about 7am and continued having a bit of s show every time I was examined.
    My waters had to be broken for me to try and speed things up as my little mans heart beat kept dropping.

    Oh by the way I went 2 weeks over due incase you wanted to know that as well.

    Good luck with it all.

    Lucie x
  • As also pleased to hear how close you are to meeting your little one!

    I have kept a little eye on you as I remember all you went through on pregnancy - cant wait to see you and lo over here!!

    I havent gone "into labour" for over 15 years and I didnt have my waters break but the night before I had the HUGEST energy burst! I could not sit still, I was just soooo full of energy I nearly created my own pathway in the garden!

    Although I have blocked out most of the "labour pain" I seem to recall that in the early hours of the morning the majority of my pain seemed to be in my back and yet again - I made another pathway at 4 o'clock in the morning!

    See you soon hon
    Love Lee
  • i didnt know my waters were breaking,woke up at 5 in the morning and wanted the loo,got up and it trickled down my leg,went to the loo came back,laid down and i needed anouther wee so got up again and it trickled down my leg again,i was seeing the mw that day so found my night time always out slapped one of them on,took a sample and went to see the mw,told her all about it and she said it could be your waters breaking,so she said you need to go to hospital,went to the loo again and they was a tiny amount of blood and a jelly like substance,so went to the hospital and they put me in a room all hooked up to a machine to check LO's heartbeat4 hours later a doctor came in and did a internal and she said you in any pain ect ect i said no,she said you sure your not in any pain i said no,she said your 3-4cm dilated,so i said does that mean my baby is coming,she said yes,she said the waters were his bum is is probably were its broke but were his head is,is still intact,they took me to the delivery room and said if they havent gone by 8:30pm then were gonna pop them for you and they did and 4 1/2 hours later my son was born 5wks early image iam hoping this time i will know whats going on :lol:


  • With my son I had a show on the thursday and my waters broke with a great big gush on the saturday night. (37 weeks)

    And with my daughter I didnt have a show but my waters started leaking on the friday and I went into labour on the following wednesday. (38 weeks)
  • Hi Funky Monkey, so glad you're approaching your due date and all is well!

    In my natural labour I had a show about an hour before I had baby (but I didn't realize until about 10 mins before I had her!) and my waters only broke when I started pushing, my baby was born 4 mins after the waters went.

    Good luck and hope the time flies until you meet your lo!


  • I woke up on the morning of my labour with a overwhelming need to have a bath!so i did,i had abit of blood but not like i was expecting,it was just little blots..i started to have pains every few minutes and by the time i got to hospital around 11am i was already fully dilated.MW broke my waters and Benjamin was born at 3pm that afternoon..6hrs from my first contraction!i was 2wks early!good luck with your labour x
  • I had a show whilst eating a birthday curry with the family for my mother in law!! Went to the loo and just new that it wasnt usual

    I went into labour 1am that morning (2 weeks before due date) however my waters didnt break until they where wheeling me down a corridor fully dilated (they didnt realise i was so dilated till i was shouting i wanted to push!) legs open wide and they broke in front of some poor bloke!!!! he must have got an eyeful!!

    cringe! but i didnt care!

    good luck!!!
  • Both times my waters had to be broken in hospital (although 2nd time I wet myself (soooo embarrasing) but thought it was my waters and we rang and told half the family about it!). The first time I had a show well into labour but none the 2nd.

    With my 2nd Iwas up all the night with severe diarreah and stomach cramps, it felt exactly like food poisoning but was my body clearing itself out ready and I went into labour at 8am. It isnt uncommon apparently but is rarely talked about as a warning sign so be aware of it.

    Good luckxxx
  • Oooooh yes!i was sat on the loo with head over the sink also...definate warning sign!
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