sitting up unaided

my 8 month old can only just sit with cushions supporting her, cannot sit unaided at all, without falling forward or sideways...shouldn't she be sitting confidently by now????

On milestone charts it says this should be this a problem or is she just a slow learner???

Does anyone know what the average age is for sitting unaided is please


  • Hi,

    I just wanted to say try not to panic, all babies are different. I panicked as my 10 month old still hasnt crawled but instead she has begun to walk. All babies are different.

    My lo sat unaided at 6 months, my neice is doing it at 4 months ! So all are different, I guess if youre worried talk to your hv.

    Have you got a bumbo chair ? Those are supposed to be good for helping strengthen their backs ?
  • All babies are different hunny. My niece was still sitting surounded by cushions at 8 months. They all catch up in the end, It probably just means she was too busy learning something else. If she is still not sitting well by 1 year old then maybe chat to your HV about it, but 8 months is really nothing to worry about!

    One way to encourage her, would be to remove the cushions, and basically let her fall over. Just put one directly behind her (but not touching her) to cushion her head if she fell straight backwards, and make sure there is nothing hard (like a wall, radiator, table leg, or similar) that she could bang herself on. She will soon learn to balance! image
  • Right, had my first reply eaten by BE, so let's try this again.

    A friend of mine is a paeds specialist (emergency medicine, but knows her general stuff as well) and she says she doesn't expect babies to sit up on their own until 9 months and wouldn't be getting worried at all until several months after that. So no, I wouldn't worry. She will get there in her own time, I'm sure.
  • When my lo had her 8 month check, my hv was amazed how well she sat up (she started at 5months). She said a lot of babies at that age are very wobbly still! So I would say your lo is fine! I think it is around a year old that you would maybe look into it! They all develop at different rates and the milestones are only a guideline!
  • thankyou all so much...i hoped i would see replys like that. she was poorly for 3 months as well so maybe she just needs a bit of catch up. thankyou for your reasurance..x
  • if she has been ill I would say that could definitely be a factor! Your lo is doing just fab xx
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