Taking 1 year old on a plane? Help

Just wondered if anyone had taken a one year old on a plane for the first time.

My son will be 1 in 3 weeks and next week we are going on a short flight to london, only taking 1 hour and a half. Anyway, he is at the stage where he has learned to walk with a push-along and holding one hand but not off himself yet and just does not want to sit on our knees for one minute. He's got to be tied to my knee for take off and landing and wondered if anyone could offer any tips on keeping him happy for this length of time and then keeping him entertained for the flight. I thought i might give him his lunch during take off but he eats so fast it may not last long enough! ha

He doesnt play with many toys for long just now, is far more interested in getting about and investigating places!



  • I found that I could put the infant strap around Hannahs waist, then just let her play on my knee. At the very last minute, I attached her belt to mine, and sat her down. I got through take off and landing by singing action songs to her. The poor people around me must have been sick of "5 little men in a flying saucer", but that was better than her screaming.

    On a very short flight, the take off/landing shouldn't be too long, as you tend to fly at a lower altitude.

    Have fun in London x
  • Thanks we'll try singing!! I hope they are quick taking off and landing, am slightly dreading it. He's such a happy boy except when he's being forced to sit on my knee!! I'm curious, what's 5 little men in a flying saucer, i've never heard that one!!
    Will try to have fun, its a family wedding so we're staying for a long weekend.

  • chances are he'll probably sleep the whole time as the plane sound can be soothing to babies. my niece, who was 6 months old at the time, flew 1 .5 hours from brisbane to sydney and she slept on her mums lap the entire time.

    tell you what, i'm not really looking forward to flying from London - Brisbane the end of next month with a 4 month old!!!
  • Oh I dont blame you!! I'm hoping he might sleep but not sure as he self settles in his cot or pram but never on anyone and hasnt since being a small baby! Never know though, maybe he'll be so entertained by something different that he'll be shocked in to silence!! ha

    Good luck on that flight!!
  • ^ some airlines provide fun entertaining things for toddlers so you might find he keeps himself busy with something if he can't sleep
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