Another brum meet q!!!

Presuming its going ahead that is!

Anyway, I keep looking up directions, but I am clueless of how to get to the pavilions from New st station!! Can you tell I never to go bham. Lol!!!

Any help would be fab xx


  • I haven't got a clue! Sorry, im so useless lol
  • Hello,
    Same here I'll bet at new street at 10.40am if you want to meet me there send me your number and i'll text you mine x
  • Oh no I don't think anyones a freak lol! I was just browsing other posts haha!
    Thanks so much for the directions girls, they sound more helpful than google friggin maps! LOL.
    Rach & Tink I'll email my number! thanks so much. night everyone lol xxx
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