sleeping, possibly teething?

Was wondering how your LO's teethed?

This is how our day is usually,
8am wake up, 6oz bottle, play
10.30 half hour nap
11am food & 5oz bottle, play
1pm nap
3pm ish 6oz bottle, play
4pm naked play in room followed by bath
5/6pm porridge & 6oz bottle followed by book read & baby einstein
7pm bed

But today it's all gone crazy,
DD went t sleep at 6.30pm last night,
didn't wake till 9.30am
6oz bottle, play & went to bed at 10.15am
I then had to wake her at 12.30pm for lunch she was up for an hour after only having food & no bottle.
She then was screaming for sleep put her down but was screaming, knocking her dummy out & refusing to the bottle. I gave her some bonjela which had no effect then give some calpol which helped a bit but was only calm if I was holding her then took half of her bottle & has been sleeping since half 2.

She has slept like this having a growth spurt, but never with teething. Has anyone elses LO's been like this teething? To add her temp is fine. She is 6 months old.

Any advice would be great.



  • might be another growth spurt, we have also had bad theething days where hes just wanted to sleep sadly not in the night for us though, might be worth trying the ashtons and parsons powers x
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