FAO Upsy_daisy re:baby name

I know you don't know me but I was so surprised to see that your baby had the same name as mine!
My Brooke is 7 months old and we chose the name coz both me and dh are teachers and we wanted a name that we hadn't taught!
How did you decide on the name?


  • she was going to be tayla but my friend had a little boy a week b4 brooke and called him tyler and my best mates little girl is called laila.. so the 3 together all seemed a bit of a mouthfull.. we were watching a film with jenifer aniston in it and she was called brooke.. so it came from there.. we wanted something different, that not many people had.. i cudnt imagine her being nething else though!!! my brooke is nearly 11 months! gone sooooo quick!!! if she were a boy she was going to be nyren.. another different one!! lol xxx
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