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my 5 1/2 month old cries in his sleep

hi everyone, my 5 1/2 month old has just started crying in his sleep over the last few weeks. i hear him cry in the nite so i go 2 him in his room only to find him sleeping and crying! its very scary, has this happened to ne one elses children, does ne one knw why this happens??? he actually done this at least 5 times on sat nite past, then once every nite since.

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  • My lo used to do this but has just about stopped now (she's 19 weeks). We assumed she was dreaming although it can scare you as you wonder what they could be dreaming about to make them scared & cry
  • Lily is nearly 21wks and she probably does it once a week or so. I've picked her up a couple of times not realising only for her to wake up with the right ump!x
  • I have had lots of tummy problems with my baby and every night she cries in her sleep she thrashes around and rubs her eyes. some times she grunts sometimes she shouts out and eventually she cries. I have to pick her up and love her and she calms down but she rarely opens her eyes. she cansleep for 14 hours and can go 15 hours between feeds becouse she never goes into deep sleep, it is doing my head in i am like a zombie she is 15 weeks now her tummy probs are slowly improving but i now think she doesnt know how to sleep soundly as she never has,but it infuriates me when people say she cant be in that much pain if she sleeps through it!!!! Sometimes she is crying cus she is cold or wants dummy but most of time i think it is her tummy ache. I so hope she grows out of it soon. Most nights i give up and pop heron my chest sitting up in bed just so i can shut my eyes.
  • fin has always had tummy problems... recently got better he's 25 weeks! but he sleeps on his belly as at 6 weeks i didn't know what else to try... i have to say it helps although that is a mummies choice! (i do have a sonsor mat)

  • My lo started to whimper at about 8 months in his sleep. I stroke his head and make shushing noises, he soon settles back into a deep sleep.
  • Hi i also notice my 5 month old daughter crying in her sleep. it's not a loud scream just a soft sobby cry. It really bothers me cause I don't kno if she's having a nightmare.

  • My 9 month is the same, happens a few times a night. Mostly she wanta her dummy or a tickle of her head and she stops, but she never wakes up from it unless i leave ger to cry for longer

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