yay getting my silvercross dazzle tommoro!!!

Hi, ive always wanted one but changed my mind at last minute and got a luna mandarin, but ever since ive crazed a dazzle, well ive just sold my luna and am picking my dazzle up tommoro!! YAY sooo excited!!! please no one say anything bad lol ive so waited for this moment LOL HAHAHA


  • yay someone else with one!

    i love mine and you will too, you dont see many about

  • i wanted it in the blueberry but didnt have any so was a hard decision between the back and silver or the all black, so i went for the black and silver lol i'm gonna feel so snobby lol haha
  • snap! expensive but soooo worth it.

    you have good taste my dear! lol

  • I really like the look of the Dazzle but we bought the Silver Cross Fizz as a summer stroller. You'll have to let us know what it's like. I want one now!!!!
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