BLW and what to give for breakfast

Morning Ladies,

I've started to use the BLW route to feed Ollie in earnest now cos he's so ruddy independent that he wants to do everything himself! Anyway, what do you give your LO's for breakfast? I've started giving him shreddies and cheerios which he loves but I don't want him to get bored of them!

I don't really want to give him toast just yet because he's only just been given the okay to eat wheat and gluten so I don't want to overload him now!

Any help/ suggestions gratefully received!! xxx

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  • Hey there lovely lady!!!

    Great to hear Oliie has the ok for wheat/gluten!! I've not done any BLW, it stresses me out, lol! but could you do fruit? Banana or strawberries etc? Nice and soft for him to munch on image

  • Hiya
    we do BLW and for brekkie we have tried

    Rice Krispies - she loves them a firm fav at the mo!
    Cheerios - dry
    Fruit - apples, satsumas, grapes, raisins, melon, kiwi, stawberries
    Porrige - not so much now its warmer!!
    scrambled egg

    Cant think of much else but im sure there are more!!!
    Good luck
    Sue x
  • We've not started weaning yet, but will be doing baby-led shortly as our lo is over 5 months. I saved this link from here which I found really useful. I will also bump it up for you. Hth xx
  • Good list from Sue.

    We've tried all the above and also - pancakes (thick oat ones and pancake day ones), croissant, porridge balls and omelette.

  • Thanks ladies!!

    Baby B- what are porridge balls? (am I being daft?!) xxx
  • I'm intrigued to know what porridge balls are and how I make them?! They sound wicked image

    Sorry lovely lady, can't add anymore that's been given but I'm soooo pleased Ollie's been given the all clear on that front xxx
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