Doidy cups?

Can anyone recomend them? I've decided I'd like to try expressing breast milk and it's going well but hell will freeze over before I'll get Faye (15 wks) to take a bottle either from me or hubby..... I've tried the TT Nuby bottles that came with the steriliser and TT closer to nature and she wouldn't accept either. She took maybe a little less than an oz before screaming and pushing the bottle away, she got in such a state that shes now exhausted herself into a coma and has been asleep for 45 minutes!!! I did try feeding her before the bottle in the hope that would take edge off her hunger....

If not a doidy cup is there anything else out there that she could drink from?


  • I used to use a doidy cup for Millie for her water and it was definately easier for her than an open cup. If you want something that she can do herself with less mess, the cheap TT first cups (with the hard plastic spout) are really good too. Barney is 8 months and he can manage one of those by himself. It might also be worth trying a First Years Breastflow bottle (only available from mothercare I think) they have a special 2 part teat that they can latch on to in exactly the same way as when they are bfing. I used one for Barneys dreamfeed (expressed bmilk) and the first time we tried it he took a full 6oz feed with no problems at all. Hope that helps
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