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Hi there, can anyone tell me whether you need to get milk storage pots that are specifically for whatever bottles you are using? I had a look on the boots web site and they have tommee tippee containers, and it says they fix to tommee tippee bottles. My thinking is i have already bought a medala swing breast pump, do i need medala containers and therefore medala bottles?

Thanks very much


  • If you have to attach a bottle to the pump, I would guess the same brand is the only one that will attach. Companies are sneaky like that! xx
  • I had a Medela pump and the only bottles that would fit were the Medela ones. I used to then empty the Medela bottle into an Avent bottle to put it in the fridge. Then it was ready for feeding. That meant I only needed a couple of Medela bottles as I'd empty them and sterilise them after each expressing session
  • I have the tommee tipper breast pump and use the dr brown bottles and have to sttach the tommee tipper bottles to the pump. So I store the milk in TT bottles and pour into the DB bottles as and when Corey needs feeding. I'm assuming it will be the same with your medela breast pump.

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