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How Do You Know When Baby Has Emptied One Boob ? (Also in b/

Its all in the title really - how do you know when baby has emptied one boob ? DS cluster feeds in the evening but I don't know if he is actually getting any milk as I don't know if/when he as emptied me ... or if/when I need to change to the other side

Can anyone help ?



  • Hmmm, I won't be much help here, as I could never tell when my lo had finished a boob, as he would always stay on until I took him off! Wasn't sure whether he was taking milk or not! I always offered both and he wanted both. Fed him at least 45 mins on the first one before I swopped so I know he must have got most of the milk by then. He would have stayed on forever!!!! I asked midwife/hv but still could never tell when he'd emptied a boob. Best to give your lo a good time on each. x
  • Don't quote me but I am sure someone told me its when your boob is not hard anymore and goes soft.

  • ye your boob goes very soft and almost floppy, there is no hard bits left. it is very hard for your baby to totally empty a bood as you have milk reserves. if you think they have emptied it then keep them on a little longer this will encourage milk production and usually there is milk left anyway.
    jo xxx
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