Not baby related but-Claim to fame

Was thinking about what famous people I'd met/seen yesterday in the shower(tmi?!) and I thought mine was pretty good. Not sure why I was thinking about this but anyway. . .
Met Jack Dee in a restaraunt in Swansea-well I say met my Gran went over and asked him for his autograph saying 'My Grandaughter says your famous'-as a 14 year old I was about embarassed as possible! Mentioned it to me mate yesterday and said hers was meeting Leona Lewis backstage at X-Factor. How daft did I feel?!
So what about you guys? Anyone met any mega famous people? Can you beat meeting Jack Dee?!!


  • i have not personally but my sister works at edinburgh airport and meets celeb all the time,lucky git lol
  • Not sure who'd I like to meet-maybe Posh just to see what's she's like up close and personal! Mind you I'm pretty shy so not sure what I'd say!!
  • I saw Kym Marsh in Greggs. I literally bumped in to Will Mellor in the trafford centre. I wasnt looking where i was going and when i said sorry i realised who is was. Saw the person who plays Steph in hollyoaks in a nightclub once. I often see Kirk from corrie in asda as he lives not far from me (or did - not seen him for a while). Also seen Tyrone from corrie stuck in traffic near my house. Seen Mercedes and OB from hollyoaks in trafford centre. OB is tiny.

    Best 'claim to fame' is i have touched jason donovan, gary barlow and jason orange. Jason donovan was before his im a celeb come back when he was performing in magaluf. The take that boys was when we went to watch them last year. They walked through the crown after performing on a little stage and they both touch my hand. I was so excited lol

    Mine are not that exciting.
  • No MKT86 am well impressed! Think you've beaten my Jack Dee meeting hands down!! Oh forgot did 'meet' Colour me Bad once-anyone remember/ever heard of them?!?!?
  • I remember them.

    I've seen wet, wet, wet and waved at them at the Ebbw Vale flower festival???

    I've met Austin Healey at a rugby match I was wearing a t shirt and he asked if I was cold. I've met several other welsh rugby internationals (my dad is on the commitee for the Llanelli Scarlets)

    And I drunk Steve Ogrisvich(sp?) (ex coventry city goalkeeper) pint when I was little??
  • McFly, G4, John Barnes, Jamie Carragher (sp?), Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (sp?), Mike McCartney (Pauls brother) and i used to go on holiday with Nicola from Girls Aloud! image
  • Ok am wellllll impressed Royalty and everything! Jason Donavan gets about a bit too!
    Rugby players reminded me; me and Dad met Johnny Wilkinson on a plane coming back from watching England play Oz at Twickernem (how bad is my sp??!) I won the tickets on Radio 1-that has to beat my Jack Dee!!?
    (Colour Me Bad-'I wanna sex you up'-a classic!!)
  • Younger BE members may not remember him, but when I was really young (about 4 I think) I sat on Dave Lee Travis knee as he was opening a new housing estate near where we lived!!
    I've also spilled spinach on Gail Tyldsleys lap in a restaurant, bumped into the woman (literally) who plays big Betty in Corrie and I think that's about it!! not great really but it's my tiny claim to fame!!
  • Oh we saw Lee Evans last week he was brilliant wasn't he? Not sure about the song at the end though!
  • one of the beegees,i think robin was married to one of my family member,my mum has a pic of them its in balck and white.ive told her to sell it,she'd make a mint lol My gran got on with him very well

    my dads a good friend of gordon brown also,he used to be our local mp and has a house 10 mins away
  • Flippin' heck the PM-you win grudie!!x
  • My OH is going to a 'do' tonight with The Stig.....does that count?
    I used to live across the road from SuperTed - strange but true! It was written by Robin Lyons and he named SuperTed and after his Dad Edward.
    Sadact.....I'm off now to sulk that this is the closest to fame I have got image xx
  • My oh would be very very jealous The Stig-brilliant! Used to love SuperTed and Spotty! Reminded me when I was in reception the man that wrote the Paddington Bear stories came to our school and did an assembly-mine just get worse don't they?!
  • i literally bumped into justin lee collins at the bristol harbour festival a couple years ago!!
    have met ryan giggs and the group damage.
    there is an actor called Alice Evans who is in 102 dalmations. have met her cos she was my english teachers daughter!! also met the rugby player matt perry at my school leaving ceremony!!!

    everyone elses is better but feel happy cos i can contribute!!
  • mum to 1 - he was excellent! my fav comedian, really can't wait to get the tour on dvd. i like queen but i wasn't too keen on lee evan's version either! x
  • My mate went to see Queen last week-said it was amazing but I was confused. How could she see Queen when Freddie's not around?
    Went to see Lee Evans for my oh but really enjoyed it. Love Frankie Boyle too just got oh the DVD for his birthday next month as all tickets were sold out.
  • my english teacher was Orlando Blooms ex and my best mates mum went to school with Daniel Craig lol x
  • i no he doesnt look too happy all the time but the pm is actually a really nice bloke,personally i dnt think i could trust a happy looking pm lol i doubt its that easy looking after the country lol

    oh and a member from the singing kettle

    i think i lied when not personally at the start lol,also a football player called stevie crawford,he playes for a scottish team lol
  • I like the PM I think you can tell he cares and at least he's not all smiley and fake like the last one!
  • my friends mum works at whsmith offices. Before busted went big, they were at the offices to promote their hit. My friend didnt see them as thought they wouldn't be famous. So when she got told mcfly were going to be there were out shopping and brought a disposable camera, So know I have photos with their arms around us sitting in my photo album! Thats the only claim to fame I have/
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