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When to get his first shoes?

As the title says :lol:

Should I get them now he's walking a little or wait till he's better at it?

Where did you get your lo's first shoes from?

Thanks ladies x


  • hi, I got shea's first pair from clarks and won't go anywhere else, apart from Brantano for cheaper clarks shoes or occasionally startrite cause they are good too

    Shea's first shoes were cruisers when he started cruising round the furniture - I wouldn't have bought them but nursery wanted him to have a pair so he could "cruise" outside while the older ones played, then about 6-8 weeks after he started walking properly we went and got his first proper shoes.

    I would defo recommend a good shop that measure for width and length and personnally I wouldn't buy a pair of cheap shoes off the shelf for him just yet. I want to make sure his feet are growing properly before he wears anything like that

    also don't keep them on him for too long, just when he's going outside, as soon as he comes in take them off so his feet can breath

    hope this helps
    Claire x
  • Definitely. I don't really want to get him them yet as he's got really small feet and they seem a little superfluous to me. But everyone keeps asking when we're going to buy them so I just wondered if I should soon
  • I would definately go to Clarks, For their first shoes, they get a photo of them wearing it and guides etc. It's really good, I bought his very first shoes here when he was walking, didn't bother beforehand. Now I get him measured at Clarks but buy cheaper Clark's shoes elsewhere! But wouldn't really shop anywhere else or get own shop brand shoes. And Clark's shows are so cute!
  • My LO took her first steps last week after cruising for a month or so and by weekend she was confidently walking the length of our downstairs so we went to Clarks for her first shoes. They really are the best around. Not cheap but their little feet are so delicate that it's so important to get shoes fitted properly.
  • Hiya Jem, we actually bought Charlies first pair today from Clarks (was a lovely experience as you get a photo of them in their first shoes - sooo cute). The only reason we got them was because Charlies got big fit - bless him, and we were struggling to find soft shoes that fit him. We got a pair of the crawler/cruiser shoes. Love them!! Will post a pic on fb later.xx
  • I'd recommend Clarks cruisers too - they measure them properly and make sure they fit, you canlt buy them online because they want you to have them fitted properly. They have much softer soles than the walkers, so not too hard for their little feet, but enough to give them the bit of support they need. Especially at this time of year if he's wanting to cruise while outside, it might be a good idea to have some.
    We got our LO's cruisers 6 weeks ago, and he's walking now, so I took him in to Clarks to be measured and to look at walkers shoes - and he's not in the next size yet, and the sales assistant said she's check the size of his current shoes, said they were fine and there's no need to rush into walkers - I was impressed she didn;t try to sell me anything when I'd actually gone in intending to buy!
    The only problem you might have if he has tiny feet (we did at first) is the boys cruisers start at a size 3, but my LO was only a 2 1/2 when we first took him - girls' start at a size 2!! You should get could advice in Clarks as to whether he's ready for shoes.
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  • I may wait until he's more confident on his feet - he's only up to 6 or 7 steps alone - but it sounds like Clarks is the way to go! Love the idea of a picture of him wearing them image
  • the grandparents are driving me mad with this one! J took his first steps about a week ago and they are fighting over who gets to buy his shoes right away, I dont want him in shoes just ye but nobody listens to the mum! Untill he is likely to walk outside I would rather let his little feet be as free as poss, sure it wont be long though! x
  • as a Podiatrist, and part of my job was to talk to mum and baby groups about feet, i would recommend you buy their 1st shoes when they are going to start taking steps outside! it is best to keep them barefeet for as long as possible to help build up their foot muscles and also because their feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and they get alot of sensory information through their feet passing to their brain. if it's safe in you garden, we recommend you let them run around out there barefoot too. You don't necessarily have to go to Clarks for shoes, you just need to make sure you go to a reputable shoe shop would will measure you child's feet. where i work our Clarks shop does not have a good reputation. lists all those who understand the importance of correct fitting footwear.
  • Gabe is at a similar stage to Oscar (despite being however many months older!). He cruises everywhere and can walk up to 5 or 6 steps alone but refuses to a lot of the time. He walks everywhere holding my 1 hand or 2 but just won't let go at the moment, driving us all crazy. He does walk outside a fair bit so I was thinking of buying cruisers? Like you, I'm completely clueless! Mostly he has bare feet. Gabe has tiny feet for his tall frame and I often think that's why he struggles!
  • Hey Davids been through 2 pairs of cruising/ crawling shoes clarks recommend they have these to help strengthen their feet in walkers/ when cruisng and crawling before proper walking shoes.. davids getting to the walking stage and walks outside holding my hands all the time (HIS CHOICE LOL) so going back to clarks this week as at 10 months hes outgrown his 4.5 G's so onto a third pair lol.... his first were 3.5 g at about 7 months
  • Hello,

    I have a daughter of 3 years old but when my daughter is 4 months old I have bought shoes first time for her it was the little bit lose but after 1-2 month it gets fit to her.

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