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Just wondering if avent have launched their bpa free bottles in the UK yet. Has anyone used them? How much are they and have you had problems with them leaking? Where can you buy them from?

Hubby, lo and I are currently living in the US and although I am breast feeding lo has the occasional bottle of expressed breast milk. I use an avent bottle which she's fine with. We're coming back to the UK for christmas and will need to leave lo with our parents for 2 separate days, so I need more bottles preferably bpa free ones and wonder if it's best to get them in the uk. I've read here that the avent ones leak and are also expensive, $10 for a big one. With the exchange rate dropping, it might be cheaper to buy in the Uk.

Sorry to waffle and thanks in advance xx


  • hu tubbs

    for an individual 9oz bottle here, they are about ??4 each, but usually bought in packs (i got 3 x 9oz bottles for ??11+ = $20) if i'm right, these only come with new born teats tho' and packs of teats here are ??4 for 2.

    they tend to leak if over tightened

    i've always used them without a problem, but i know quite a few of the girls here have had leaking probs

    many girls on here use Tommee Tippee and seem quite happy if you are not bothered about which brand you use

    have a look at avent's website - they have a good troubleshooting guide!
  • as far as i know they wont be starting to sell the BPA free ones intill either later this month or next month
  • Thanks ladies, the problems here are with the new bpa free ones, so i'll get one to try and hope for the best as I'll need to get them here if they are not available in the uk. Also as lo is happy and not gassy with avent I'd rather not try something new although I've heard the tommee tippee ones are good, are they bpa free? I'd have to have replacement nipples sent other though.
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