My lo is 13m and for the past 1-2 weeks has been leeting out sceems in her sleep and sobing. When I go to her she is still fast a sleep. Once she was sat bolt upright and the sound she was making really scared me. Im not sure whats causing it or what to do. She sleeps realy well and even these epesodes dont wake her.:\?


  • Thanks Just stressfull hearing her
  • Not had any personal experience of night terrors but once saw a programme and it said not to wake your lo when they are having one just soothe them and put them back down to re-settle. Apparently waking them can make it worse..?!
  • Hi ive been waiting for a post like this as i had such a dreadful time with ds2 and night terrors.

    As the others say they dont remember it however it is horrendous for you as you feel so helpless, i tried loads of things waking up before they usually started never helped but i found that if you made it into their room at the first cry it was quicker to settle him, i used to sprint up the stairs then just stroke his head gently and speak calmly to him and that often averted it.

    However if a full scale terror was going on I found that if i went in and just talked to him in a normal voice about normal things (tomorrow we are going to do this/that) it was as if the normality soothed him also found if dh came in after sometimes the tone of his voice settled him straight away.

    Try not to worry they are actually a good sign and show that your lo's imagination is developing.

  • my son jack is 6 now and has had them for the past 2 years, they scare me to death, he's now having to see a pyschologist cos of how severe they are, but most kids grow out opf them, anythihg can cause them from an upset in routine of things at home! xx
  • millie was like this if a give her calpol or tixylix to late at night, i asked HV and she said that some medicens can cause nightmares xx
  • my lo has done this a couple of times, its usually in the day tho, he'll be fast asleep and start screaming and really sobbing hard in his sleep. i usually try to talk him thru it, but ive had to pick him up once as he was in such a state, hes only 11 weeks old bless him
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