what do you think to this - not baby related!

Hi girls, I posted on boxing day how my brother had been dumped on boxing day and treated like crap so I sent his ex a msg as i felt it was about time she heard a few home truths and just wondered if it sounded okay.

(her name) - I'm absolutely disgusted with the way you have treated (brother) and the rest of us, I can't believe you came into our home on xmas day and accepted gifts and money from us only to treat us all like crap the very next day, we all thought you different than this - how wrong were we about you? You have spoilt what should have been such a special xmas for us all. Im also really hurt that you allowed us to refer to you as Aunty (name) and treat you like part of the family when all along you were planning this! You don't deserve someone like (bro) - I hope your happy with yourself!!!


It's not like me to speak my mind but im just soooo angry!!! im usually very nice and polite but i just cant let this slide.xx


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