Reflux - any advice?


I saw my HV today because i have such an unhappy baby he only stops crying for max 20 mins at a time and that's if i'm lucky! He also vomits huge amounts of milk about 2-4 times after every feed. My HV said it could be reflux and to try some different milk with a gaviscon like thing in it. Has anyone got any advice on symptoms of reflux and what you have done if your baby had it and what worked.

Thanks from a very stressed mummy! xxx


  • Hi Lara,

    Thansk for your message. He's on aptamil at the moment, but the HV said SMA do a milk with a stay down supplement in?! So i might try that but think i'll try and get a drs appt for tomorrow.

    What were Chloe's symptoms that made you get her checked out?

    Thanks again xx
  • if you google baby reflux symptoms you will get a good idea or even search on THIS website and they have a good list!

    Max had reflux, his symptoms were:

    lots of puke and quite projectile
    a lot of screaming if he was anywhere less than upright!
    If he was lain down he would arch is back RIGHT up while screaming.

    Sure there were others but thankfully it was a long time ago now!

    Hope youg et something sorted. Gaviscon worked for us! If I were you I wouldn't change his milk - I think this can be tricky for lo's but don't know for sure but anyway it will cost you alot for new formula when you could get gaviscon on precription!

    I would see doc and get the prescription!
  • Gaviscon worked for my little boy, it was a life saver!! He stopped most of the sicking, and the screaming while on gaviscon. Go to your gp and hopefully he'll prescribe it for you xx
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