Grobags in Moses Baskets

I am planning on using a Grobag straight away by putting my baby in one when they sleep in the Moses basket as I didn't want the faff of sheets and blankets.

Just wondering if anyone has used them straight away, or if anyne knows whether you are able to?


  • thomas is 4 weeks and has just fit in to a newborn sleeping bag bought from the disney shop 0-6 are far to big for a newborn as the wont fit in a basket, depending on the weight of the baby i dont know if he/she would fit in one, thomas was born 7lb 10oz and the sleeping bag was to big for him, he is now 9lb 1oz and he fits in it nicely now x
  • hello

    i know the one i had said not to use till 6 weeks old, not sure if that is standard or just my one?

    i guess it would be dependant on weight/size?
  • LO might not take to a growbag straight away, Zacky didnt. Took him 3 months to get used to his. I was also under the impression that LOs had to be a certain weight to use them as well... not sure but 7lb keeps coming to mind. Id get a few cheep sheets just to be on the safe side.
  • we had a newborn grobag but erin didn't like it until she was 6 weeks. she like to be swaddled in a cellular blanket and then we used to tuck her in with a sheet she like to be all wrapped up, then at 6 weeks she hated being swaddle (i think she discovered arms!!)
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