why cant he stay little forever?

i am so sad that lo is gettin older, he is 9 months and wil be going into 12-18month clothes soon. i sent some one a pic the other day and they were like 'my god he looks about 3'. noooo i want him to be my baby forever. dont get me wrong i am lookin forward to the things he will acheive as he gets older but in the last week this feeling has got unbearable and is makin me want another one asap. oh my god someone give me a slap.lol. does anyone else feel like this or am i just been selfish?xxx


  • thank god im not the only one.lol. finley was 8lb7oz and then shot up the centiles so he was delicate for about 2 weeks.lol. life is so unfair. i have a friend who has a delicate lo and its so sweet and finley just thuds about.lol. hes our little bruiser.lol.xxx
  • Tyler is 9 months too but he is doing so much already. The time flys - take loads of pics coz no matter how much you think you'll remember - you wont!

    When was LO born babyfizz? Tyler was 19th June. xx
  • lo was born on 7th july and the time seems to have flown by.im back at work soon too sothat maybe why im feelin so rubbish to. a year was felt like it would go on forever when i left. he has come on leaps and bounds in recent weeks too.xxx
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