Has anyone been to the Babyshow?

If so, what's it like? I am thinking of going to this one and am not sure if it is worth it or not?

Is it only worth going if you have specific things to purchase? Do you get samples / freebies / goocie bags?! LOL image



  • Thank you! I will possibly be looking to get a pushchair at least anyway but I do like the idea of all the samples / feebies etc! I am a sucker for them!

    I have seperate money saved to get all my lo's bits until I am back at work so will be ok on that front!

    thanks for your reply image
  • I wen to the last one in Birmingham.

    I won tickets which was great and tbh wouldnt have gone otherwise.

    Not many freebies and I found that there was'nt that many bargains better prices online xxx
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