teething or someting else?

LO has been v restless at night the last 2 days, only going down for v short periods of time. Her last three poo nappies have been liquid yellow, no grains or string as normal. She shas been sucking her hands like mad.

Do you think shes teething? shes 3.5 months...

Em x

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  • yes cld be my lo did teeth early!

    check out this guide to poo.....http://www.babycenter.com/baby-poop-photos

    cld she have diarrhea? xxxxx
  • Is she biting down on everything and can you feel her gums are hard? Is there lots of dribble?image

    It might just be that her teeth are on the move, and it's upsetting her a little. They can play up for ages before anything appears

    I'd check her temp and as long as she is still having lots of wet nappies not worry too much, just keep an eye on dehydration whatever the cause x
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