i bit the bullet (also in bim)......

and put him down for his first sleep without bfing him, i just did all the other wee things we normally do, close curtains, sat in our wee chair and gave him milk in a cup, he didn't take very much but more than i though he would and when he kept pushing it away gave him a hug said night night and put him down image wee man was asleep in 1 minute!!! not even a squeak, i've had a wee tear but am really looking forward to our wee nightime feed tonight before bedtime but tbh I think i'll only keep this up for another week as if is accepting the change well so far don't want to confuse him. As with most things kids related it is me that is feeling it not him lol wee menace!!


  • Well done xx
  • lol just rereaad my post I do say 'wee' a lot dont I!!
  • Yep, big well done. Making changes is always so difficult but it's amazing how well our LOs adapt!

  • Awwwww well done reece!!

    Big hugs sweetie!! Such a good 'wee' boy you have there (sorry couldn't resist lol! )
  • Well done hun, it must have been very difficult but i'm glad he took it so well.

  • pb lmao

    well feck that he has twigged to whats going on is not so keen for the afternoon nap or cup, kept trying to throw his wee head into my chest and was none to pleased when he didn't get it image he's having a wee cry now so typing on hear to distract me!!! oh hold on he has stopped that was a minute there but he cried a bit image he seems to be settling i hate this pppppppooooooo, i can sort of see where those women who breastfeed until their kids are 8 are coming from now lol
  • Lol moonbean...I know why you mean...I'm scared il
    never be able to stop and he'll be coming home from doing his gcse's for milk hahahahahahah x
  • Kids lose their latch when they are about seven (about when their milk teeth fall out)

    Can i be nosy and ask why you are weaning at this point? From your post it seems like neither of you are particularly happy about it and he is still teeny tiny. breast milk really is the best thing for him. I would hate for you to regret weaning in a month or two when he has growth spurts/teething and a quick bf will soothe him pretty much instantly.

  • Hi Mousenose I'm weaning him as he has never taken a bottle has point blank refused any of the 8 (at last count) varieties that I have given him resulting in I haven't had a break at all, until 17 weeks old he was feeding an average 18 times a day and until 2 weeks ago as well as being fully weaned was still taking 10 feeds, I also have a 6 year old and wasn't getting out as much with him etc as constantly had a baby on my boob, i've knocked my pan in and gave him 6 months of milk, my ds1 was bottle fed as I was so ill after his birth and he was fine during spurts etc so I know this won't be an issue.

    Of course I will miss it very much as it makes us so close but unable to express, refusal of bottle etc has me drained and tbh I'm done it is the hardest thing I have ever done and I have had far from the 'ideal' journey with it actually hating it most of the time for the first 4 months but sticking with it as I knew it was best for him xx
  • You've done a great job honey and you know how proud I am of you image xx
  • It's so hard stopping, but you're doing so well chick. I know exactly how you feel, I hated stopping but I knew I had to. Seding a virtual hug! x x x
  • aw you girls are so good to me thanks v much xx

    I'm writing as it feels theraputic so sorry if I'm going on lol I think feeding him to sleep last night confused him somewhat, he did go over within 1 minute this morning again but was a bit upset image He gets a feed from me a 6pm and 7pm normally so I'm thinking if I give him readybrek at his bedtime feed and milk from a cup it means I could still give him first morning feed and 6pm feed which are 'awake' feeds and all feeds sleep related are cut out then in theory the non feeding sleeps should be easier to drop???

    I think its confusing him feeding him to sleep (as I can never tell when he's actually dropped off as feeds with his eyes closed) one time and not the other?? what do you think?

    also he had his first weetabix this morning he loved it lol

    thanks pb & emily b x
  • I normally know when elliotts just sleep feeding as he pauses more often and slows down alot...and then if I take his off...if he's still hungry he stresses and fights to get back on...I wait about 5 seconds and if he calms a bit I put him in cot if not il carry on...although I'm lucky in that elliott doesn't like feeding before bedtime anymore, and I nonally feed him within half hour of waking so he's not hungry at nap time...but that's jut me...and that's only since following BW

    let us know how you get on today chick! And if wanna talk fb me as I get notified of that straight away on my phone image

  • aw cheers mrs I'm alternating between my ohs laptop and mine, his is v slow but lets me on facebook whereas mine is quicker so use it for everything else lol

    no protesting this nap time??!! his wriggling about a bit but just the way he does on his side to go to sleep, he seemed a bit receptive to the cup than this morning and i just kept giving him wee kisses and talking to him quietly i think I'm goona do 'my plan' and give him readybrek tonight as a day is so long for a baby and dont want to mix him up, suppose its like giving them a dummy for one nap but not for another.

    on another note i think my right boob is about to explode, roll on 6 oclock so i can stick him on honestly it is noticably bigger even from quite a distance, so much so i'm going to wear a jacket to get ds1 from school at 2 lol if you hear on the news a woman was found after her boob exploded you'll know it was me!

    oh I'm ordering my iphone today too pb so i'll be up to speed like your good self lol xx
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